Monday, August 9, 2010

Red Velvet...lagi!!!

Its a collegue's bday last Friday and my boss belanja us all makan kek......she even took me to BSC on her sleek mini cooper to get the cake.

*grin...bila lagi nak naik mini kan????nak tunggu beli sendiri ntah bila nak dapat*

We had lunch at BSC's CB and later went to Gourmet @ BSc to get the Red Velvet made by Just Heavenly.

*kay okay....I ni biased to Just Heavenly since my birthday last June. Its sickening. But the cake was so good I can't resist it myself*


We were considered early, the cakes just made their way to the display area and all of them look sob good, rasa macam nak borong semua je!!!!

To those yang dont intend to buy a whole cake....they also have smaller versions enough to share for two....

See see...the famous choc cheese in mini size! Yummey!!!!

Teruja sekejap when I saw the strawberry cheese but then nak bunuh diri ke makan kek banyak-banyak??????


Patience. The cake joint will still be there tomorrow.

We gathered sometime close to 5pm.....

....that's not the birthday girl.......

...okay, the other girl is not the birthday girl either....

Diorang tolong tuang teh je.....

.....muahahahahah! Baguskan? Cake and tea.... Brit.



...that's the birthday boy!


Once he blew the candle and cut the cake we quickly took over and cut the whole cake. Lambat la kalau tunggu dia potong semua.....

The verdict....

...sedap sedap.


Nak lagi!!!!

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