Thursday, August 19, 2010

TV Series Bug is back!

Random thoughts : How do u kill bed bugs?


Okay,for now that's totally irrelevant.

*still, lunch hour nanti nak pergi JJ cari Dettol botol besar punya. Bed bugs u better get ready to die, die, die!!!!*

Okay, still takde kena mengena. Lupakan saja.

Was up till late watching 10 episodes of Royal Pains Season 2 last night...

And guess what, it was awesome.

The story (still) revolves around brothers , Andy and Hank's, journey as concierge medical care providers in the uber rich Hamptons. I love Hank's character.....its in my top ten geeks next to Spiderman, dr Reid from Criminal Minds and the curly haired professor in well as all the geeks in CSI. Hahahahaha! Hank is so compassionate and down to earth and despite being a total doctor nerd, is witty and funny. Me likey.


If you follow the first season we are all somewhat left hanging at the end on the outcome of their lives.....what? Divya accepted the arranged marriage? What happen to Jill now that her husband is back and doesn't want to let her go? Their freaking broke because their conniving father wiped all their money???

Oh yeah. Its a bit frustrating.

But then those were all answered, at least a light is shed in the first 10 episodes that I watched yesterday. There are a few pointers that we can ponder;

1. Can we forgive a betrayed trust?

2. Can people actually change?

Well, Andy and Hank has abondonment and betrayal issues. Their father bailed on them when they were young and they were left to fend for themselves when their mother died soon after. Obviously, if I were in their shoes my dad can kiss my *tush* goodbye and forget that I ever lived. And that's exactly how Hank feels. *same daddy issues - roll eyes*. But then now the father is back, despite swindling a fortune in last season for redemption.

Should they trust him? a wee sceptical. But its just me, when it comes to dad's, I'm a sceptic. But then the plot progresses that despite the worst possible happens that everyone needs a father.

And over time, things can change and despite difference in opinions and bitter feelings, things can be worked out.

Hmmmm....I wonder if I would ever had that chance? Would it be awkward?

3. Can arrange marriage work???

OMG, the ultimate Q! What if later you find your soulmate? Should we all go positive about "things can work out if you work on it" and "it takes two to tango". i digressing? Next point.....

4. If you love someone, say something about it. if you don't, just let them go.

hahahahah...that is one from my observation. To understand it you must watch the show.


If you want more you can PM me and we can discuss the episodes in lengthy detail....

*yeah, coz I am freaking bored right now*


Guess what turns out fully completed this morning....

Ho yeah......I love my 16G internet bandwith.


Can't wait to go home and get lost in between tv episodes.

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