Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Yesterday...at BVII

I am still waiting for my report to get processed. And since its yet to be completed so I am clearing other matters and took an early release. I'll make up the time next week when there's more work to be done.

Great. I'm finishing early! Yippee!!!!

Met Cik Kiah yesterday for dinner at Delicious @ BVII and despite the great company, I was very disappointed with the service at Delicious yesterday....especially when they served us a bad cupcake and still wanna make us pay for it.

Shame. Shame on you.

But being me takkan aku nak bayar kan? Obviously I complained and they waive it off the bill.

Grrr...Ada ke...buat malu je.


Before dinner yesterday i was actually walking around BV2 and I stumbled upon Soong Ai Ling's newest nail spa called Bodouir. It looks like a French restaurant from the outside, so I curiously asked in what they actually serve when the guy at the door actually clarified that its a nail spa with French influences. A quick scan over the spa menu and ho yeah......macaroons and champagne served during a mani pedi is on the list.....

....that's like utter bliss ok.


I was checking out the interior deco when pop comes Ms Soong Ai Ling herself....

...OMG, she's gorgeous.

Tetiba je aku jeles. Hahahahahahah! Nak jadi gorgeous macam dia jugak!!!!

I just got my nails done last week but then I really wanted to try this up-class establishment so after chatting quite a bit (Soong Ai Ling is so nice!!!! I suke!!!!) I took their card for next time. Ajak Komala try pricey mani pedi, while having cuppies, macaroons and tea.

*Grin. Gila gedik*


Anonymous said...

i saw the saloon too last time
sangat cantik menawan hati :)
very different kan
tapi takut nak masuk :O)

how much ya the price of normal mani padi?

Zuraida said...

Heyya anonymous!

yes, salon tu cantek. i terkejut sekejap when greeted by Soong Ai Ling herself. hahahaha. she's freaking nice. anyways, kalau nak mani pedi dia harga macam biasa, tapi the set for mani yang include scrub and all plus food and drinks starts from rm90 onwards....in which ok la sebab dia serve macaroons and all kan.

u should check them out.Once in a while splurge apa salahnya kan? I was thinking of going after raya....coz I just got my nails done and all....