Thursday, September 30, 2010

On Eating, Praying and Loving

Thanks to Geng Ying i get to get a free pass to the premiere of Eat, Pray, Love yesterday and I have to say, I enjoyed the movie a lot. In fact, I plan to get the DVD coz I want to watch it over and over again!!!

We kicked off the movie night with a glass of bubble tea at little Taiwan @ Cineleisure The Curve...

I love Bubble Tea!!!! I enjoy munching the bubbles. Gila la, I took my own sweet time like a kiddo munching the bubbles one by one.

Hahahahahah! Happy sungguh!!!!

Geng Ying had dinner, but since I was still full from the big lunch at work earlier yesterday I only munched on wanton and a toast garlic bread.

Still yummey.

I wondered why I never read Eat,Pray, love before. Maybe its one of those books that I missed in my reading list, like "How To Kill A Mockingbird" in which i have recently acquired, and yet to read. Perhaps I should add the book on my next "To read" list, because the movie is such an eye opener, I bet the book has more insights and words of wisdom.

The movie tells a story of Liz Gilbert, a recently divorced women, in search of of herself through a journey across continents in which at the end, mend her broken heart to once again believe in love. Its touching and heartfelt from the start, and in a way I felt a twinge of pain and was able to relate to her in a way or two...which almost broke me to a small quite tear.

Because yeah, deep inside, behind this strong independant girl facade is a vulnerable girl who is scared of love and trust.

Well, you cant blame me for feeling that way after going through what I went through. Eventhough its been a year, the pain is still there. Scepticism built, I tend to be more guarded of others and scared to risk knowing other people on the mere thought of possibility that it may hurt me.

For instance.....

I keep on making excuses in getting to know new guys and meeting them, at times, getting cold feet and bailing at the very last minute. I was talking to Shasha yesterday and she said....

"kan aku dah kata.....ko ni memang, selalu banyak 'tapi' the end orang yang suka kan ko pun lari"

Well, somewhere in between those lines.

Hmm....its scary ok. And I am not afraid to admit it, it scares the hell out of me to start get to know new people. Ye lah, you've been dating that one guy for years and thought he's your ever after....and suddenly voila, all the crap is out of your window, and you've lost all your mojo. Damn, of course its scary. What if you're not as young/hot/gorgeous like those pretty young things out there???

Do you get me?

But then perhaps I should listen to Ketut!

"sometimes you need to lose balance for love so that you can live a more balanced life"

Hmm...nice aite.

Go watch the movie.

Learn to trust others.

Believe in love again.

And.... enjoy Dolce Far Niente ("sweetness of doing nothing")


Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Tonight @ 9pm

...will be at Eat, Pray, Love premiere @ Cineleisure, The Curve.


Its been quite some time since I have been to the movies with friends! The past 2 or 3 movies (which includes Resident Evil) was viewed as a single audience, packed in between hundreds of strangers and its a breath of fresh air that someone finally asked me out on a girl-date!

Yeap, don't keep your horses up. Im not dating anyone.

*grin, as if people are dying to see me start dating. grin. perhaps I should eat, pray, love too!*

Will let you know how it goes tomorrow!

Sessi Makan makan I like!!!!!

We celebrated one of my collegue's birthday today at the office and ZOMG, look at the spread!!!!!

Itu belum tambah nasi goreng kampung, two tubs of vanila ice-creams, kuih kuih thing for sure we were all excited to have.......

....Ayam Golek Nara from Pantai Dalam.

Yeah. Agak terlebih excited disitu. Its so juicy and tender, 3 ketul sekali aku libas!


No worries, I went light on the rice. This already ruins my detox and all but at least I am not going way overbored.

Kiut kan the mini donuts???? People are getting more and more creative with their kuih raya these days.

We also had our own-made cili padi kicap......Suba excited gila potong cili....

....I tell you, bila lagi nak posing ngan cili kan?


Anyways, many thanks to Kak Leen yang banyak menyumbang bakti mengorganisekan makan-makan hari ni..... fact, she organised all our makan-makan!


Which is like almost every month. At least every month yang ada birthday we have this sort of makan-makan department I ada 13 orang, so thats like every month in average.....except for fasting month la...rehat kejap.

Last but not the least...the birthday girl!

Oh kenyang betul.


Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Digi Iphone 4 Life

Imagining myself taking piccas with the new Digi Iphone4....

*hahaha!!!! my favvy sea and by the beach!!!*

It'll be uber cool.

and I'll definitely bring it mary had a little lamb...except for now it'll go....Zuraida has a lil Iphone, lil Iphone...lill Iphone!!!


Don't I the Iphone4 look sassy???

Ho yeah, I look sassy in the Iphone 4. In fact nampak macam slimmer.


To grab or not to grab?

Monday, September 27, 2010

What a weekend..... had been a great weekend, and I had a great time. We had Nikki's hen's nite party at Bakita @ Chnagkat and chilled at Nikki's crib @ Frase Tower the next day, indulging over fried maggi and a 55 inch flat screen tv with Astro Beyond. Phewh, it was a blast.

Piccas to follow.

Hang on and sit tight!

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Digi Iphone 4 Real

Need I say more on why I love the Digi Iphone Plan???

Check out the rates....

*Source : Go to Digi.Com*

By simply opting for option two (with monthly payment of RM88), which is very very close to my current usage, I am only paying approximately 40% of what I am paying now on my existing line, plus....I get unlimited access to data.....

On top of that, I can simply switch to upgrade my plan if in the future my total usage exceeds the existing one...and get the benefit of more free minutes, free sms, free mms....


So....what's there not to love?

Spread the love people. Digi Iphone4 for everyone!!!!!

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Digi Iphone 4 Play

I have to admit to y'all that all this while I have been slightly envious of other Iphone users.....

.....coz they get to play and have fun all day long....and I am stuck with my boring ould phone. Ever since my Sony Ericson P1 died on me.....I'm using an age old phone and stuck at being ultra jealous to ppl who can FB and tweet on the go.....

Because though I don't look like an internet junkie....deep down I love social networking and gertting connected so yeah, I have seen, tried and tested the FB and twitter on Iphone (via my Iphone friends....while they were busy debating on whose better, either BB or Iphone - a debate no one will ever win....duh!!!!) and I was hooked!

Why oh why oh why???? Coz its easy, convenient and on the tip of the about my friends and loved ones.....I simply like it! Especially when I get to share links, videos and piccas over facebook while on the go!!!!!

Another app that I may not be able to live without is bejewelled!!!!!

I am a bejewelled self confessed junkie and I boleh main this thing sampai mata lebam lebam punya!!!! Sumpah!!!

But then I heard of so many apps available that I can imagine myself having if I have my own Iphone4....for travel, leisure.....even workout.....

It'll be super!!!!!

I'll be around the world in a day!!!!! Come on baby shake it my way...oh shake your bon bon shake your bon bon shake your bon bon!!!!!!

Hell yeah!


Friday, September 24, 2010

Dah lama ni.... mana gambar raya???

Quick raya pics....

Got to go...catching a movie in an hour!

Digi Iphone For Me


....heard about the newly released Iphone4????

.....takkan la tak kan. Otherwise on which planet have you been????

I have been drooling over the phone since it was launched in the US a couple of months back and rest assure, I am not the only one. In fact, crazy Iphone geeks have been braving the super duper long que all over the world to get their hands on this very nifty and stylish gadget.....

.....hmmm, who am I to complain?

Who wouldn't want to have phone with Itunes, I movies, loads of apps 9from gamin to FB and twitter and skype asnd so the list goes on) with 5 megapixel camera with HD capabilities.

Yeah sila teruja.

So when I won a pass from 8TV Quickie to be at the Iphone4 launch at the Gardens organised by a certain certain big telco company I jumped at the a matter of fact, I was there by 7pm sharp!

Gila semangat kudos.

Akan tetapi.....

After about 30 minutes walking me in and letting me mingle with the rest of media people...they later say "I'm sorry, we have to put you back on que" and there I was, made to wait for over an hour and never see a bleep of the oh-so-delicious Iphone4.

Stress okay!!!!!!

What's the point of winning a pass if I have to que up like the rest of the world???


Anyways, nasib baik tak beli semalam.


I left the que after an hour. lantak la ko free pass pun. I went back with the new rates of that telco company and later found out that Digi's new Iphone4 package is already out too!!!!

*source :*

Which wow's me......

* ho yeah definitely!!!!*

Definitely for me.....

....because it has cheaper rates!!!! Like wayyyyyy cheaper. That's humongous savings. With so much savings I can travel more (and call home from abroad with help of friends of Orang Kuning!!!!) and shop more!!! Drool!!!! I suke!!!!! No more cut throat bills!!!!!

....more rebates on the phone and the package. Seriously, you get RM200 off the retail price of the handphone, and later, more monthly rebates on packaged bills that is spread for the next 24 compared to 3 months rebates.... get more talktime. I have compared my past bill and for the amount I am paying monthly for RM150 using my existing I only need to pay RM88 and I get to have 400 free sms, 20 free mms.

....and the coolest bit - no extra charges on data after the maximum usage is up! *extra brownie points!!!!*

Because frankly speaking, at times I get overbored on data charges. Baru guna sikit tapi charges dia mak aih!!! But then when you get free access when you exceed your monthly quota, isnt it darling????

Boleh la berFB tanpa henti!!! hahahaha!!! As if now bukan kaki FB!

And I bet they'll charm me the exact same way they did with their broadband. I have to admit that their customer service is better in terms of friendliness and helpfullnes....because I did switched to Digi Broadband after getting very unhappy with my-then-broadband-provider-who-shall=-not-be-named. So I expect no less with Digi Iphone4.

Yes....simply the best.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Kisah raya Bobo & Izzy

Tahun ni Bobo dan Izzy raya kat umah je. Tuan dia tinggalkan dia kat umah selama 4 malam with loads of H2O, cat biscuits and cat litter. Punya la nak amik hati this round siap beli 3 biji bola yang ada loceng baru and cat litter berjenama baru. rabak gak la poket manjakan kucing ni.

Sigh. Tapi aku suke cat litter baru tu. Bau sabun. Dengan kucing kucing tu pun semua bau sabun segar sepanjang hari.

Suke suke suke. Harga dia je aku kurang suke. satu pack 14 liter is about RM53.


I cleaned the house squeky clean for raya, sampai berkilat kilat lantai semua. Tak percaya tanya Komala. She was amazed of how shiny my tiles and toilet are. Macam selama ni impossible je kan. hehehehe.

Bobo seems to like the shiny tiles.

*oh segarnya likey the serai wangi smell*

Oh yeah, dia sampai tercium cium bau lantai tu everytime I let him loose these days. And see what I caught him doing after....

Oh sangat la sukahati ye????

Bobo and Izzy got to have their raya feast before I left for my hometown. Bukan tetiap hari I bagi dia makan something other than cat pinggan diorang pun licin within minutes....

*yummey ke?*

I am so lucky my two lil kittens is a very independant lot. Mak kucing mana yang boleh tinggalkan anak kucing dia 3 malam tanpa supervision??? Hahahahaah. Gilo keji, tapi bila aku balik both of them makin gemuk je aku tengok, selamat sihat ok time kalau setakau cuti 4 hari 3 malam tak payah susah susah hantar shelter.

Ngeh ngeh ngeh. gilo keji.

Anyways, they just love it when mommy, ani and abang is at home. Reason being they always pamper them (like 24-7, thats round the clock okay) in which I don't normally do. Biasanya kalau diorang ngan I, I simply layan bila I ada mood je. Hahahaha. Most of the time lantak la kau nak berlari ke, nak guling-guling ke, nak melompat ke.....kalau nak tengok DVD ngan aku meh dok kat nak baca buku ke....

*In which Bobo likes to do. Sometimes he will sit next to me and look intently at a book as if we're reading it together. Boleh tak???? Weird cat. Not to mention Izzy has a penchant for girly movies. She was gaga over Gossip Girls....if I had the show on she'll simply laze on the sofa handrest and watch tv*

So imagine my two cats racing for my mom's and two sibling's attention when they came over last weekend. Bobo macam dah book dah the spot on my brother's stomach.

And when my mom was petting Izzy....mula la dia start pergi dekat mintak attention....

Then he moves closer.....macam jeles pulak......

I think up to some point Izzy dah bengang coz look at that face....

.....macam tak puas hati je kan???

Tapi izzy ni jenis kuat mengalah. Not long after dia dah move away.

Lantak ko la labu kan?

After getting pet by my mom, Bobo sibuk raid my brother's bag.....

OMG, where do i get this cat again???

Oh yes, shasha.

Sigh. manja nak mati. Nasib baik dengar cakap.

Bobo dan Izzy mengucapkan Selamat Hari Raya to everyone.....maaf Zahir batin!!!! Dear mak angkats.....mana duit raya tahun ni????


Monday, September 20, 2010

The Sari Sneak Preview.....

Last thursday I get to follow the rest of Nikki's chi mui to the tailor at Lebuh Ampang to get my sari done....grrr.....lepas tu macam tak sedar sedar diri singgah the kedai nasi daun pisang across the road and we all ramai2 bantai nasi daun pisang seround....aduh....masak la diet macam ni, ko diet la macam mana kuat pun sampai bila pun tak lose weight....grr.....

Itu dia.....daun pisang all laid in front of us....lepas tu dengan gembiranye order masala chicken and sotong goreng.....

Itu dia...muka bulat cam tempayan.

Anyways, the tailor only took 2 days to get the ready-made sari done. Cepat kan??? Macam bionik je mamat ni jahit baju pompuan. It's freaking easy to use...pakai snap snap je....tapi dia punya blouse...OMG freaking fitting. Sangat scary. Naik badan setegah inci je boleh fail dah blouse tu.

So harus la tak menambahkan berat badan the next two weeks.


How do I look in a sari???

Ngeh ngeh ngeh...sebenarnya....not bad after all.....

Cover cover...ini belum lipat lagi....sebab tu tak nampak perut...


I even got new earrings and anklets to match.

I know I know....agak melampau di situ. But what the heck. its not everyday I get to dress like an Indian. Kita kan 1Malaysia.

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Our very own heroine.....

Over the Hari raya holiday's I have been watching back to back episodes of Apa Dosaku at the preview channel of Astro Mustika, and I have to say the drama series is so well made, it is one of the best local drama production I have seen so far. To a point me and my sister wonders....kenapa cerita macam ni tak keluar tv biasa?

Yes, at times its dissapointing to watch the same old Malay movie aired in TV3 or TV2 that (repeatedly) has the same plot.

Over and over again.

Apa dosaku is based on the true story of Sybil Khatigasu, a nurse who aided the guerillas during the Japanese occupation in the 1940's. She was sentenced to life inprisonment for aiding and abetting the guerillas, providing with medical care and accusation of being a spy against the Japanese.

The Japanese tortured her for a confession for crimes she didn't commit and despite being abused, beaten and tortured, she refused to give in to the accusations.

I never knew about Sybil Khatigasu. I never knew we had such a strong heroine once upon a time ago. And she dedicated her life and her work in helping people, despite race, color and religion.

The drama was moving. It was also so well done, it shows the strength of the story line and the cast.

A must watch.


If ever drama's like this is ever aired in local tv, I bet a lot of people will be more aware of our colorful history and better appreciate the sacrifices our ancestors had done for us.

another good drama on Astro Mustika is Tangkal Besi. the reindition of Botak Chin.

Suddenly I felt patriotic, eventhough 31st August had left us for quite sometime.


Its okay. Maybe it can better help us foster the spirit of 1Malaysia.

Monday, September 13, 2010

The Fat Lady Sings

My two besties was at my place last night and we were discussing Nikki's wedding plans over kek lapis, rendang and lemang. Wen Chu got a wave of utter shock when we told her that we will have our next 3 weekends full starting this coming weekend and that there's no excuse but we have to wear sari for Nikki's reception on October 3rd.

Oh sexy kan????

Agak-agak la sikit okay.

I can't deny that there's a certain lure and charm to wearing saree and it somehow makes the wearer so utterlessly sexy yet still decent and respectable.

Gorgeous, kan? kan????

Akan tetapi.....when you think about the bare midrift you have to don during the wedding dinner....

Agak menyesal la makan lemang bebanyak last couple of days and I start screaming in horror over the thought of exposing my own midrift.

Sebab seriously......

Ko ingat tummy aku macam ni??????


Alia suruh pi emergency tummy tuck. Damn. Ko ingat aku kat mana, Hollywood???

Yeah, that's right.


Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Last Working Day....weehoo!!!!

Today I simply refuse to let unnecessary things (especially people who's neither significant nor important to me) bug me and make me feel bad. Gone are the days when I need to care about what they think, especially when diorang yang buat palat kan. So let them be. Nati takde mood nak raya, no???

I am starting my leave tomorrow and insya-allah, kalau takde aral melintang, will be roaming around at Jalan Tar later tonight with Ms Shasha Kitty Katz. Not that Iam hunting for anything, bila lagi nak pergi jalan-jalan kat sana kan? Nak drive masuk KL pun berat. I was thinking that perhaps I should feel a lil bit festive once in a while so I wont miss out on things....

.....otherwise life will just pass me by.


Will be heading bak to my mom's place tomorrow with my siblings, seb baik ada adik laki aku tu, kalau tak kena drive jauh jauh mesti penat. ngeh ngeh ngeh. Now that he's around I can sit back on my new ride (with my shiny new rims and all...hoot hoot!!!....jjadi passenger je....ngeh ngeh ngeh.....aku soka.....

I will definitely looking forward to....

Nenek's lemang and sup tulang!!!!


Age old tradition that never dies. In fact, I am already salivating over the thought of 3 days free flow lemang and sup tulang at nenek's house starting next Thursday. *grin* Happy y'all. Blissed out on food. Tu belum kira ketupat raya, kuih raya....duit raya?



I am taking this opportunity to wish everyone a very happy hari raya and maaf zahir and batin. I hope everyone will enjoy their holidays and get to meet their family and friends. Do be a responsible driver and take the necessary precautions on the road. Avoid major highways on Sunday.....there'll be a huge jam at PLUS highway Seremban there so please please please, plan your journey so everyone get to get to wherever they want to get to on time.

Lets eat and be merry!

Leaving office in exactly 30 signing off.

Monday, September 6, 2010

Because I know you will read this too.....

Tell me one good reason why I should shut my month?


Why then won't you shut yours?

So when you said it, its okay, but when I said it.....its all lies?

I stop bitching about you for quite some time already. Don't remind me how you hurt me and make me start bitching back.

Friday, September 3, 2010

Finally.....Mi worked wonders and stripped 5 years off my face!

I feel like a million dollars! *grin* Finally I get to get over the long hair fascination, decided that I shouldn't perm my hair since I have been tying my hair up in a ponytail or a bun anyways since the last 3 months and get to get a haircut that stripped at least 5 years off my face....

*macam mana, ada rupa macam pelajar universiti???*

I spent 5 hours at Peek a Boo yesterday where Mi patiently stripped my golden brown hues, replaced it with a new color (ooh, Ash Brown with green highlights.....yeah, green highlights people!!!!!) and cut it mid length to fall nicely on my shoulder. I tell you, I was smiling the as soon as she made her first cut, and when she was done with the color, I was in awe.

Its like she read my mind, but better. She tailor-made the color so well, it definitely blend with my skin color, and for the first time, I don't mind having my hair with significantly light highlights because I don't look like some "rusa-masuk-kampung-wannabee- yang-tak-sedar-diri-that-blonde-color-should-be-reserved-for fair-skinned-people" especially those platinum blondes.

*yeah, coz seriously,platinum blonde on asian skin? ko baru bunuh diri ke apa? baru sedar hidup hanya sekali and you should try stupid things that make you look dumb?*

Okay, terover pulak.

Anyways, love the color coz it deflects light quite well, plus the hair is bouncy and swishy.....swish swish.


Sesape wanna good hair color (not good, I say great!) go and meet Mi at Peek-A-Boo @ TTDI. Bukan I sorang je yang dia stylekan, a lot of my friends go there and we are all a satisfied a point that we just can't live without her. Seriously, sometimes kalau orang lain potong rambut I pun after that I rasa macam nak bunuh diri and pergi balik kat dia to be fixed. I can guarantee that she can recommend the best color for you. In fact, I trusted her so much, for the past 3 years I simply walk in the salon everytime I wanna recolor and she will pick up the color for me.

I only say "surprise me".

Sumpah tak tipu!

But she's been with me for almost 6 years, so she knows what works on me and what not. Kalau I tak puas hati dia boleh kerat jari and ganti balik recolor for free.


*lepas tu jari dia tumbuh balik magically. Huhuhu!!!!*

I have been in a good mood the whole day. Sheesh, the price you pay to feel good.