Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Choking on chemicals is not a fun way to die....

....okay, before anyone panic, I am not attempting suicide.

*although there are circumstances occuring recently that may initate a spark in committing arson....I love myself too much to kill myself. period.*

I was cleaning the house (yet again...phewh, these days I think I am developing an obsessive compulsive disorder to cleaning) and I have decided to test Fahmi's teory on cleaning your toilet stain free in a jiffy with clorox. So when I am done with vacuuming, mopping and spraying the whole house, I simply decided to pour a bunch of clorox to the toilet floor and leave it to soak in for about an hour.

So an hour passed......

I happily go to the toilet to scrub.... instantly breath in a heavy rising chlorine foam.....sumpah chemical grade XXXXX....

....and suddenly I choked.

Yes. Choked.

It felt like my nasal path immediately closed up and I am starting to have problems breathing.

I tried running out of the toilet to the balcony for fresh air....butthen I started coughing, non stop, and my heart started pounding, and I am partly choking. Then the worse came. I started vommitting.

Jeez. Abis semua.

So I open up all doors and windows, grabbed my key and put my excellent driving skills to the test as I rush like a thunderbolt to Klinik Wong & Chye.

By then my thoat were burning. Like hell. Okay, I wont know how it'll be in hell once you get the burning throat treatment but this is obviously not easy peasy okay, its like your throat are scrubbed with a thousand sand hell yeah its hell.....and I can't breath....and I think the nurse got it that I am having an athma attack there and then and quickly called me up to the doctor.

Phewh.Nasib baik tak kena tunggu. I think I might die of gag reflex.

Before they put me on the nebuliser the doctor asked me a very weird question.

"Did you faint?"

Duh!You think I can drive like a maniac to your clinic if I did faint?

No right? No right?

All is good now. I am breathing a bit slow still but at least my airways are cleared.Fahmi and Jo took me out for nice of them. Hehehehe.

And it got me thinking....

Why the hell would people want to drink poison to die?

Your throat will burn like hell. Inhaling the fumes is bad enough.....if you actually drink it then your throat (and the rest of your innies....the esofogus, intestines.....all the way down to your stomach) will definitely be on fire then your lungs will start to closing up, cutting all access to oxygen all over your body.....its freaking torture.

So no. Dying by virtue of chemical consumption is a huge no no if you're contemplating suicide. Do attempt a less painfull way.

*that crosses out hanging- coz they say you get tortured for quite some time too before you gag and die - and cutting your wrist.*

Perhaps opt for sleeping pill overdose. Less scary.


Okay, I am not rambling more. Its getting out of hand already,. Next you know people will start getting me counselling and psych evaluations.


The good thing is the clorox thing does work. I went back to the toilet when the fumes are cleared and just rinsed the floor with water. Guess what, no scrubbing required. They are all white!

Hmmm.....things people do.


puterikurekure said...

wei..ko bubuh banyak mana clorox tu? isk2...hati2 tau beb. clorox memang kuat gile2 punya la.

aku baca entri ni sambil mata dok laju2 baca. haha. risau kot.

Zuraida said...


...kalau terjadi apa-apa camana la aku nak post kan?


puterikurekure said...

ye la. mana la tau ko dok ward ke apa ke. haihh...risau ok!