Saturday, September 25, 2010

Digi Iphone 4 Play

I have to admit to y'all that all this while I have been slightly envious of other Iphone users.....

.....coz they get to play and have fun all day long....and I am stuck with my boring ould phone. Ever since my Sony Ericson P1 died on me.....I'm using an age old phone and stuck at being ultra jealous to ppl who can FB and tweet on the go.....

Because though I don't look like an internet junkie....deep down I love social networking and gertting connected so yeah, I have seen, tried and tested the FB and twitter on Iphone (via my Iphone friends....while they were busy debating on whose better, either BB or Iphone - a debate no one will ever win....duh!!!!) and I was hooked!

Why oh why oh why???? Coz its easy, convenient and on the tip of the about my friends and loved ones.....I simply like it! Especially when I get to share links, videos and piccas over facebook while on the go!!!!!

Another app that I may not be able to live without is bejewelled!!!!!

I am a bejewelled self confessed junkie and I boleh main this thing sampai mata lebam lebam punya!!!! Sumpah!!!

But then I heard of so many apps available that I can imagine myself having if I have my own Iphone4....for travel, leisure.....even workout.....

It'll be super!!!!!

I'll be around the world in a day!!!!! Come on baby shake it my way...oh shake your bon bon shake your bon bon shake your bon bon!!!!!!

Hell yeah!


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