Friday, September 24, 2010

Digi Iphone For Me


....heard about the newly released Iphone4????

.....takkan la tak kan. Otherwise on which planet have you been????

I have been drooling over the phone since it was launched in the US a couple of months back and rest assure, I am not the only one. In fact, crazy Iphone geeks have been braving the super duper long que all over the world to get their hands on this very nifty and stylish gadget.....

.....hmmm, who am I to complain?

Who wouldn't want to have phone with Itunes, I movies, loads of apps 9from gamin to FB and twitter and skype asnd so the list goes on) with 5 megapixel camera with HD capabilities.

Yeah sila teruja.

So when I won a pass from 8TV Quickie to be at the Iphone4 launch at the Gardens organised by a certain certain big telco company I jumped at the a matter of fact, I was there by 7pm sharp!

Gila semangat kudos.

Akan tetapi.....

After about 30 minutes walking me in and letting me mingle with the rest of media people...they later say "I'm sorry, we have to put you back on que" and there I was, made to wait for over an hour and never see a bleep of the oh-so-delicious Iphone4.

Stress okay!!!!!!

What's the point of winning a pass if I have to que up like the rest of the world???


Anyways, nasib baik tak beli semalam.


I left the que after an hour. lantak la ko free pass pun. I went back with the new rates of that telco company and later found out that Digi's new Iphone4 package is already out too!!!!

*source :*

Which wow's me......

* ho yeah definitely!!!!*

Definitely for me.....

....because it has cheaper rates!!!! Like wayyyyyy cheaper. That's humongous savings. With so much savings I can travel more (and call home from abroad with help of friends of Orang Kuning!!!!) and shop more!!! Drool!!!! I suke!!!!! No more cut throat bills!!!!!

....more rebates on the phone and the package. Seriously, you get RM200 off the retail price of the handphone, and later, more monthly rebates on packaged bills that is spread for the next 24 compared to 3 months rebates.... get more talktime. I have compared my past bill and for the amount I am paying monthly for RM150 using my existing I only need to pay RM88 and I get to have 400 free sms, 20 free mms.

....and the coolest bit - no extra charges on data after the maximum usage is up! *extra brownie points!!!!*

Because frankly speaking, at times I get overbored on data charges. Baru guna sikit tapi charges dia mak aih!!! But then when you get free access when you exceed your monthly quota, isnt it darling????

Boleh la berFB tanpa henti!!! hahahaha!!! As if now bukan kaki FB!

And I bet they'll charm me the exact same way they did with their broadband. I have to admit that their customer service is better in terms of friendliness and helpfullnes....because I did switched to Digi Broadband after getting very unhappy with my-then-broadband-provider-who-shall=-not-be-named. So I expect no less with Digi Iphone4.

Yes....simply the best.