Monday, September 13, 2010

The Fat Lady Sings

My two besties was at my place last night and we were discussing Nikki's wedding plans over kek lapis, rendang and lemang. Wen Chu got a wave of utter shock when we told her that we will have our next 3 weekends full starting this coming weekend and that there's no excuse but we have to wear sari for Nikki's reception on October 3rd.

Oh sexy kan????

Agak-agak la sikit okay.

I can't deny that there's a certain lure and charm to wearing saree and it somehow makes the wearer so utterlessly sexy yet still decent and respectable.

Gorgeous, kan? kan????

Akan tetapi.....when you think about the bare midrift you have to don during the wedding dinner....

Agak menyesal la makan lemang bebanyak last couple of days and I start screaming in horror over the thought of exposing my own midrift.

Sebab seriously......

Ko ingat tummy aku macam ni??????


Alia suruh pi emergency tummy tuck. Damn. Ko ingat aku kat mana, Hollywood???

Yeah, that's right.



Nana said...

hahahahha I wish I could get a tummy tuck too :( too expensive ma!

Zuraida said...

hehe, yeah. if money is no object kan, semua benda bnak buat. bukan setakat tummy tuck, lipo, facelift....hahahah, vain vain.