Friday, September 3, 2010

Finally.....Mi worked wonders and stripped 5 years off my face!

I feel like a million dollars! *grin* Finally I get to get over the long hair fascination, decided that I shouldn't perm my hair since I have been tying my hair up in a ponytail or a bun anyways since the last 3 months and get to get a haircut that stripped at least 5 years off my face....

*macam mana, ada rupa macam pelajar universiti???*

I spent 5 hours at Peek a Boo yesterday where Mi patiently stripped my golden brown hues, replaced it with a new color (ooh, Ash Brown with green highlights.....yeah, green highlights people!!!!!) and cut it mid length to fall nicely on my shoulder. I tell you, I was smiling the as soon as she made her first cut, and when she was done with the color, I was in awe.

Its like she read my mind, but better. She tailor-made the color so well, it definitely blend with my skin color, and for the first time, I don't mind having my hair with significantly light highlights because I don't look like some "rusa-masuk-kampung-wannabee- yang-tak-sedar-diri-that-blonde-color-should-be-reserved-for fair-skinned-people" especially those platinum blondes.

*yeah, coz seriously,platinum blonde on asian skin? ko baru bunuh diri ke apa? baru sedar hidup hanya sekali and you should try stupid things that make you look dumb?*

Okay, terover pulak.

Anyways, love the color coz it deflects light quite well, plus the hair is bouncy and swishy.....swish swish.


Sesape wanna good hair color (not good, I say great!) go and meet Mi at Peek-A-Boo @ TTDI. Bukan I sorang je yang dia stylekan, a lot of my friends go there and we are all a satisfied a point that we just can't live without her. Seriously, sometimes kalau orang lain potong rambut I pun after that I rasa macam nak bunuh diri and pergi balik kat dia to be fixed. I can guarantee that she can recommend the best color for you. In fact, I trusted her so much, for the past 3 years I simply walk in the salon everytime I wanna recolor and she will pick up the color for me.

I only say "surprise me".

Sumpah tak tipu!

But she's been with me for almost 6 years, so she knows what works on me and what not. Kalau I tak puas hati dia boleh kerat jari and ganti balik recolor for free.


*lepas tu jari dia tumbuh balik magically. Huhuhu!!!!*

I have been in a good mood the whole day. Sheesh, the price you pay to feel good.



Nana said...

love the hair cut!

Zuraida said...

oh thank you thank you!!!!

Hanie Ly said...

oh hey! u're still around! btw... gorgeous as always! :D

Zuraida said...

Hi Hanie,

eh ada ada.....u thought i dah takde ke?