Thursday, September 30, 2010

On Eating, Praying and Loving

Thanks to Geng Ying i get to get a free pass to the premiere of Eat, Pray, Love yesterday and I have to say, I enjoyed the movie a lot. In fact, I plan to get the DVD coz I want to watch it over and over again!!!

We kicked off the movie night with a glass of bubble tea at little Taiwan @ Cineleisure The Curve...

I love Bubble Tea!!!! I enjoy munching the bubbles. Gila la, I took my own sweet time like a kiddo munching the bubbles one by one.

Hahahahahah! Happy sungguh!!!!

Geng Ying had dinner, but since I was still full from the big lunch at work earlier yesterday I only munched on wanton and a toast garlic bread.

Still yummey.

I wondered why I never read Eat,Pray, love before. Maybe its one of those books that I missed in my reading list, like "How To Kill A Mockingbird" in which i have recently acquired, and yet to read. Perhaps I should add the book on my next "To read" list, because the movie is such an eye opener, I bet the book has more insights and words of wisdom.

The movie tells a story of Liz Gilbert, a recently divorced women, in search of of herself through a journey across continents in which at the end, mend her broken heart to once again believe in love. Its touching and heartfelt from the start, and in a way I felt a twinge of pain and was able to relate to her in a way or two...which almost broke me to a small quite tear.

Because yeah, deep inside, behind this strong independant girl facade is a vulnerable girl who is scared of love and trust.

Well, you cant blame me for feeling that way after going through what I went through. Eventhough its been a year, the pain is still there. Scepticism built, I tend to be more guarded of others and scared to risk knowing other people on the mere thought of possibility that it may hurt me.

For instance.....

I keep on making excuses in getting to know new guys and meeting them, at times, getting cold feet and bailing at the very last minute. I was talking to Shasha yesterday and she said....

"kan aku dah kata.....ko ni memang, selalu banyak 'tapi' the end orang yang suka kan ko pun lari"

Well, somewhere in between those lines.

Hmm....its scary ok. And I am not afraid to admit it, it scares the hell out of me to start get to know new people. Ye lah, you've been dating that one guy for years and thought he's your ever after....and suddenly voila, all the crap is out of your window, and you've lost all your mojo. Damn, of course its scary. What if you're not as young/hot/gorgeous like those pretty young things out there???

Do you get me?

But then perhaps I should listen to Ketut!

"sometimes you need to lose balance for love so that you can live a more balanced life"

Hmm...nice aite.

Go watch the movie.

Learn to trust others.

Believe in love again.

And.... enjoy Dolce Far Niente ("sweetness of doing nothing")



n i e z a said...

i watched the author featured in Oprah & since then i've wanted to read the book but i haven't read it tho. im watching it tonight, cant wait!

zie said...

Baru nak tanyer, does the book and the movie different? I read the book a very long time ago.

As for me, okay la. The book is quite slow, so I hope the movie is so much better.

f.i.e.z.a said...

Kak zue, I'm watching it tonite w my besties.can't wait.together w nieza yg komen mula2 ni.hehe.x sabar ok.kak zue, fza dlu pun terok jugak nak amik masa kenal yg baru but I just have faith n tawakal.insyaAllah u'll find the one soon :)

Zuraida said...


its good ok, seriously funny.


I dah agak dah nieza ni bestie you!!!! Both of you enjoy ya!!!!

OMG, seb baik tak baca buku dulu. harusla i simpan buku tu utk stok baca time holiday nanti.

Nadiah said...


I saw you last Friday nightat Gulam Mee K.D. so pretty ya!.I think you lebih cantik dari dalam gambar.

Zuraida said...

Hi nadiah!!

Thanks! Aiyo nape tak drop by and say hello? that night I pon ngan my blogger buddy shasha.