Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Our very own heroine.....

Over the Hari raya holiday's I have been watching back to back episodes of Apa Dosaku at the preview channel of Astro Mustika, and I have to say the drama series is so well made, it is one of the best local drama production I have seen so far. To a point me and my sister wonders....kenapa cerita macam ni tak keluar tv biasa?

Yes, at times its dissapointing to watch the same old Malay movie aired in TV3 or TV2 that (repeatedly) has the same plot.

Over and over again.

Apa dosaku is based on the true story of Sybil Khatigasu, a nurse who aided the guerillas during the Japanese occupation in the 1940's. She was sentenced to life inprisonment for aiding and abetting the guerillas, providing with medical care and accusation of being a spy against the Japanese.

The Japanese tortured her for a confession for crimes she didn't commit and despite being abused, beaten and tortured, she refused to give in to the accusations.

I never knew about Sybil Khatigasu. I never knew we had such a strong heroine once upon a time ago. And she dedicated her life and her work in helping people, despite race, color and religion.

The drama was moving. It was also so well done, it shows the strength of the story line and the cast.

A must watch.


If ever drama's like this is ever aired in local tv, I bet a lot of people will be more aware of our colorful history and better appreciate the sacrifices our ancestors had done for us.

another good drama on Astro Mustika is Tangkal Besi. ooo....love the reindition of Botak Chin.

Suddenly I felt patriotic, eventhough 31st August had left us for quite sometime.


Its okay. Maybe it can better help us foster the spirit of 1Malaysia.

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