Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Sessi Makan makan I like!!!!!

We celebrated one of my collegue's birthday today at the office and ZOMG, look at the spread!!!!!

Itu belum tambah nasi goreng kampung, two tubs of vanila ice-creams, kuih kuih thing for sure we were all excited to have.......

....Ayam Golek Nara from Pantai Dalam.

Yeah. Agak terlebih excited disitu. Its so juicy and tender, 3 ketul sekali aku libas!


No worries, I went light on the rice. This already ruins my detox and all but at least I am not going way overbored.

Kiut kan the mini donuts???? People are getting more and more creative with their kuih raya these days.

We also had our own-made cili padi kicap......Suba excited gila potong cili....

....I tell you, bila lagi nak posing ngan cili kan?


Anyways, many thanks to Kak Leen yang banyak menyumbang bakti mengorganisekan makan-makan hari ni..... fact, she organised all our makan-makan!


Which is like almost every month. At least every month yang ada birthday we have this sort of makan-makan department I ada 13 orang, so thats like every month in average.....except for fasting month la...rehat kejap.

Last but not the least...the birthday girl!

Oh kenyang betul.



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itu la, aku nak recruit jadi anak angkat ko tak mo.....