Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Snapshots : of today

8.00 am : Starts work. Its a busy day ahead considering its the first day of the month and we need to speed up reporting deadlines because everyone will be off on Raya leave by next week. So hari ni masuk kerja awal. Like spot on time.

10.00 am: Damn, I am only partially way through my checklist. Grrr.....macam tak sempat je nak siapkan semua benda.

12.00pm : Why the hell is the freaking server damn slow? Macam mana la kerja nak siap nih???? dah la asyik hang hang hang.


12.30 pm: Opps. take a break kejap. I need to run to Focus Points to get my eyes checked and grab a box of contact lenses.

12.45pm : What? abox of 3 months disposable is RM75? Mak aih...cekik darah. Selalu I beli RM50 je. I think my dissapointment shows but then what the heck, ini kes emergency. Takkan nak raya pakai specs? Dah la nak lunyai dah spec tu.


1.00pm : back to work. Still throwing tantrums over the slow CPU processing speed. Come on la, nak kata staff beribu tak jugak....takkan server hang kot?

2.30pm : OMG. Im freaking hungry. Bila nak balik ni?

Kerja still tak siap.


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