Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Goodie bag oh Goodie bag!

I have been quite quiet lately. I have to say that work has gone from smooth sailing to utter horror.....at times I wish somebody can whisk me away out of all this mess and turn me into a queen bee and I am swooped to a far far away land.


Anyways, to come to think of it I got to get a lot of freebies along the way that makes life aint so bad after all. Last week I actually gathered all the bags that I have set aside (untouched) and start digging my hands into the freebies so I can start make use of it.

*yeah, coz leaving them sitting there is not a good thing kan? such a waste.*

So there you go....that's the whole lot....let's quickly check it out one by one.

First, I got a bunch of free tester slimming products....

....that includes Equal (the sugar), some dtox tea sachets and calorie burning pills.

All untouched.

Sape mau?

Holler. U know my number.

Secondly, I got a free Jason DeRulo single CD from the stint at MOS last August...

....that I can't let go coz Bobo seems to call dibs on it.

My cats appreciate good music. Nice.

Next is a tonne of vouchers that is still usable till December 2010.

Great! Saving them for christmas shopping.


Next is an electric massager.....

....which is so utterly useless since it operates on 4 triple A batteries and I cant find the switch to turn it on.

Apa da bagi reject items in the goodie bag. Dari Robinsons pulak tu.


Next is a bunch of beauty products....

Ni I dah banyak give away, coz I use to have the whole Olay set but since I dont use them, dah bagi kat orang.

Sape mahu the Nutox freebies? Its up for grab.

Next is more makeup!!!!

Oh this I love!!!!! The dark colored nail polish is reserved for Komala coz it's meant for her. I only where yummy bubblicious colors....not dark gothic.

And my treasure chest......

Ni tak boleh give away!!!! Hahahah! That's one load of hair products that can last me almost 6 months. Thanks Peek-A-Boo and Womens Weekly....me love the goodies!!!! Kalau nak travel pun senang sebab banyak mini samples yang travel size tu. Tapi yang paling best is the kerastase 30 ml serums and the huge bottle of Swarzkoff shampoo....jimat RM200!

Others include...

Kotex Lux. Masih belum cuba. Sebab takut.....mahal seh pad ni.

Tisu empro....apakah???


Izzy had dibs on the boxers. From Women's Weekly! :P

Last but not the least....I still have a bunch of......


Demmit. Satu badan boleh lumur.


Gila tak gila all teh goodie bags yang I kumpul?

I can sum up that in goodie bags department, 2010 is a good year.


Ni tak masuk all the prizes I won from Project Alpha. Just have to love all the Adidas stuff that semuanye cepat je abis.

Year end is just around the corner. Tak sabarnya.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Pink Shopping Night @ Mid Valley!

Oh my, dah berabuk dah benda ni dalam archives. Last 12th Shahnaz and I buat kerja gila beratur in a super long line to grab a goodie bag for the pink shopping night @ Mid Valley. Seriously, I ni usally pemalas nak mati beratur panjang-panjang ni but then Shahnaz sangat la bersemangat so I pun teruja sama....

There you go....lautan of goodie bags. Beratur punya panjang at the end dapat satu je.....

And to get more goodie bags, we entered contests.....

Ho yeah, memang agak melampau di situ.... just look at the crowd...kitorang semua gila freebies....

The goodie bags comes with a free cupcakes from Secret Recipe...yummey yummey yummey. Tapi tak sempat ambil gambar cuppies dah abis. hehehehe.

OMG, can u stop it with the Iphone already???? *mode jeles*

In between shopping (in which we did despite the hole in my purse , erk!) we had dinner at Chillies Mid Valley which has just re-opened. Sedap okay lamb shoulder ni, its been a while since I had one.

And guess who we met at the event....

*Diana Danielle*

Sekali pandang semua orang tak perasan because she's freaking small but then everyone else were flocking here for pics so after berkali-kali pandang baru perasan.


Anyways I had a good time....

Look at all the bags!!!

And hell yeah, its all for a good cause (roll eyes!)


Monday, October 18, 2010

Penat sebab.....

First time jadi part of organising committee and suddenly was standing there alone to man the fort when the orang-kuat-committee kena serangan denggi. Dem you nyamuk aedes, kot ye pun nak menggigit tak boleh tunggu lepas Family Day abis ke???

So hebat tak hebat I manage to persuade Shasha BlackKatz to teman me on a 3 day 2 night trip to Melaka and along the way, help me to finsih 80 adult goodie bags and 80 kiddie goodie bag in less than 5 hours....

*ini packing kerja 2 orang. by the time we're done tangan semua dah kebas kebas*


Zura and Sharina joined sometime close to noon (nasib baik) and tolong pack lagi kiddie prizes....aku rasa macam by the time the week is over aku dah boleh jadi master packer dah.

Penat weyh. By saturday noon I'm already a walking zombie.


Malas nak komplain lah. Stress tak stress we walk acroos the road from equatorial hotel and had Asam Pedas for lunch....

*maintain tak??? ni tido 3 jam je nih!!!*

Bendi steam dia memang terbaik!!!


Anyways, Shasha and I got to stroll along Jonker street for a while right after dinner.

*lama tak pi tempat ni*

And I end up with a bowl of cendol.

Boleh la...tak la berapa sedap sebenarnya. Sebab dia tak pakai santan fresh. Rasa macam santan kotak.

Sob sob.

Tapi abis jugak.....


Akan tetapi....

...macam best je jalan-jalan kat Jonker Street. Rasa macam nak beli je banyak benda. At the end I belui topi pantai satu....hahahah...Shahnaz, next time kita pergi pantai i pun ada topi jugak!!!

Hahahaha.... tetiba je.


Monday, October 11, 2010

Under the weather

I have been under the weather for over a week now, thanks to excessive partying during Nikki's wedding I am stuck with a sore throat, cough and a clogged tear-duct (yeah, who could have imagine...clogged tear-duct) since last Monday. I have been spending the nights snoozing since as early as 8pm and kissing my zumba goodbye's .....I am freaking out already over the potential weight gain I might end up from this sickness....coz seriously, eating heavy set meals 3 times a day before taking my antibiotics is hazardous to weight loss.


*orang sakit lose weight aku sakit gain weight. :P*

Anyways, the workplace is turning into a battlefield. I think my workload is getting a tad unbearable and I felt like leaving and going off the grid for a long long time. The sickness aint helping....I simply did not feel the love in the air. But I hate being a quitter, so here I am licking my wounds and barking like a puppy screaming for attention.

I hope the wave will pass. Crossing my fingers and praying that things will get better.

it's pink shopping day tomorrow at Mid Valley, in conjunction with the Breast Cancer Awareness Campaign. Last year we run the marathon, this year we shop (till we drop?). *grin*. See ya tomorrow in the sea of people crazy over discounts???

Don't be late. It'll be mad!

Ciao bella!

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

From zero to hero(in)

Look at me tranform from zero...

Separa bengang coz stuck dalam jam...muka takde mekap.....rambut blow ala sepoi sepi....

To something else....

Gambar feeling ala2 kurus.....so uber flattering...with make-up setebal tembok cina....

In which sebenarnya is not that bad at all....

Because under the yellow restaurant light, the make up sets in quite well....

Of course, I am not as beautiful and dazzling as the bride....

Congratulations Nikki and Nishan....I wish you a great life ahead and many many many happry kids to brighten up your marriage!!!