Tuesday, November 30, 2010


Updated on the food log on my lunch date with Era. Click here for more.

Getting Tix to Natrah 2

I have been trying to get tixs to the theater Natrah now showing at Istana Budaya. Not that they're all sold out, I have been having problems getting it online with my pop-up blocker thingy crazily went on and off on its own but then yeay, finally I got tix's to Wednesday night show and now I can rest in peace.

I am kinda free today, so as soon as I got tickets I started browsing for reviews over the show and oh its so not a good move.....

Now its making me nervous. There are some negative reviews that concerns me, but then hey....sod it la. I bought the tix already and I am determined to watch.

Stay tune for my review ya!

Monday, November 29, 2010

What if Zuraida has short curly hair??? What would she look like???

I've seen in one of the mags in the salon a picture of Victoria Beckham donning the short tousled hair look and I wonder...can I ever rock it?

See see...cantekkan??? I have super straight hair for ages (except for a stint back in 2005 where I don soft curls ala Kelly Clarkson) and I see no point in curling it again because it takes a lot of hard work to maintain a healthy natural curl but then I can't help but wonder....

So last Saturday I got Mi to pull up my hair for Jo's reception at Eastin hotel, and she came up with an up-do with intricate curl details at the back which looks like this...

Oh sila jangan tanya how it looks from upfront sebab seriously, muka aku bulat cam tempayan. Rasa nak bunuh diri rasanya, but then I dont have a friinge long enough to cover the side of my face like I use to (thanks to my super short lady gaga fringe in June....sampai hari ni fringe I tak tumbuh balik) so it makes me kinda super cranky.....


6 hours later after pulling out over 50 pins that pulls the hair into place we got these.....

The tousled hair look!!! Voila!!!

Not bad aite?

Now I feel like I want to have curls.

*oh new updates at My Food Diary. Go visit and have a read!*

Thursday, November 25, 2010

This shoes are made for walking....

I finally went about and got Komala's birthday gift today as we are to celebrate Kom's and Wen Chu's birthdays tomorrow at Zeta Bar. I hurried to Charles & Keith during lunch time since I promised Kom that'll I'll get her a clutch and guess what....

...C&K is on sale!!!!!

And C&K is not the only one on sale. Most of the shops are starting to slash their prices because apparently, another mega sale had already started.



Walaupun tau tetiba je buat buat tak tau. heheheheh!

And since there's discounts I got more than just a clutch for Komala. I am 100% confident she'll be happy with what we got her sebab seriously, I pun suka and we both have the same taste.

*wink wink - great mind think alike*

Of course yours truly fell again on the "I fell in love with the new arrivals displayed under the bright shiny neon lights" trap today.....

Oh it doesn't look much on picture, but wait till you see it on you....do the catwalk for 20 seconds and voila, I bet you will fall in love with it too. It wraps the feet just nicely, I myself is screaming inside for it.

Too bad its not on sale. Otherwise I'll be happily creating a hole on my wallet. it doesn't come that cheap though....being in the signature collection and all.

*of course, its not as expensive as Aldo. so we can all still think about it*

Perhaps a nice addition to my wardrobe, what say you??

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

trying to think positive

Can i bitch about work?


Okay. I don't think so. It has been a very busy day, to a point that I was so tied up.

Grrr....ntah mana ntah figure figure ni pop up.

Jeez. Being an accountant isn't as rosy as I expected it to be when I was in high school. Back then acccounting was the next class I look forward to after English, because its easy. Hahahahaah. But then accounting Form 5 and accounting in real life is so different, thanks to a bunch of us who gets more and more creative every year in adding spice to (otherwise) a boring profession. Yes, the profession has come a long way since those days only debit credit what matters.....its freaking complicated now to a point I keep asking myself....

....are we all so bored with our lives to a point that we keep pushing rubbish and do things that we don't need to do? semua orang dah start kiasu is it???


Okay okay, by now I am rambling nonsense that perhaps half of you out there won't understand. Yes, unless you are in my shoes you won't be faced with what I am going through. Even half of the people I know is not going through what I am going through.


Alas, its good to keep a positive mind.

I would like to believe that I earn an honest living and what I do will somewhat make me a better person one day. It has taken me places, and with luck and (more) hard work it will take me to more good places.

I would like to believe that whatever I am facing today will get better tomorrow and its just a learning curve that is only tough the first time round, and over time, things will get easier.

I would love to think that I can get good career advancement and great perks out of what I am doing now.

I would hate it if things doesn't end up the way I believe it would be.


Just another day. Let's all pray for a better tomorrow.

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

New fascination - Coach Madison Leather Convertible Hobo

The downside of working next to a huge shopping mall is the constant temptation to shop everyday. Yes, after a while you get immune to the huge sale sign and the colorful posters offering lower and lower discounts but then from time to time you just can't help but walk in the store with a huge "Stock Clearance" sign.....

....especially when its designer's.....

....and end up falling in love with the new arrival.

Damn it.

*baru berangan about Burberry Black Label semalam. Mrs LVoe.....I am still waiting for your suggestion here*

After putting up a strong front for over a year now, I finally succumbed to the sale sign and walked in to Coach with Ika after lunch. Of course at first I don't see where's the harm sebab being the strong(er) person I am now (who no longer splurge upon expensive things upon impulse - wink wink), I bet walking in and out of the store will be no big deal until I saw this lil baby....

*CoachMadison Leather Convertible Hobo*

Its chic, its classy...its so not the typical coach we carry because its in full leather and it drops on my body oh so nicely......

*bestnya kalau boleh bawak pergi holiday kan???*

Okay, ke situ pulak pikirnya.

Not that it won't be nice if I get to stroll down the streets of Bangkok with it. Not that I am going to Bangkok anytime soon....just saying.....


10 minutes later I was in awe...Ika was in awe too over the same bag and gosh......I want one!

Damn it.

Now the bagaholic/shopaholic/fashionista in me is resurficing again.


Holla world. Say hi to.....my new baby bag?


Monday, November 22, 2010

I end up.....

What I would love to write....

Phewh, I spent a good hour at the gym. The 30 minute run was good, and I got a loadfull of oxygen in my lungs from my practice sun salutation. yeay. all in all I feel good.


But then in reality is, I never made out of the door of my home once I came back for the padlock. Shame on you zuraida. Shame on you. I thought you're determined today.


I came back and my sis hadn't bathed the cats yet. I felt bad making her bath all 3 cats all by herself, so I drag one cat to the bathroom and start bathing. 2 hours later we manage to bath all 3 cats and clean them up really really good.

What? 3 hours??

Yeah, they're on intensive care. So mandi lama nak mati.

I kow Izzy felt good. She's been happy all night as she sat next to me and cleans her fur.

Oh yeah, that one is a clean freak.

And she kissed me twice!

Oh yeah I thought my cats how to kiss!


Its okay. We still have tomorrow.

Apa kes ni asyik tertinggal kunci locker??

This is a very important tool everytime you hit the gym.....

Yelah...takkan nak drag the gym bag during ork out kan?

Akan tetapi....

Solex itu sangat berat. Everytime I clear my bag I'll put it out, and guess what...hari ni lupa nak bawak pulak!!!!

Camana ni? Kena balik dulu la nak ambik padlock tu.


Potong stim je. Baru ingat nak gigih terus pi gym after work.

Sleeping time!

Lately my cats have a routine sleeping time, everytime the clock hits 7pm they will start going all sleepy and tired and each and every one of them will start looking all tired and lazy. Penat la tu kena kejar the whole day with Ani's cat - Momo aka Romeo - who just recently moved in with my sister.

I took the liberty to snap some photos yesterday.


Bobo - nampak kamera je mula posing. This cat memang camwhore. Compared to Izzy who couldn't care less about taking pictures.

Izzy start tido dulu. This is the first time Izzy took a spot next to me on the sofa and doze off on it. Selalunya she prefers to sleep on the floor or at the balcony. Don't ask me why. I tried teaching her to sleep on the bed with me once tapi fail je. She would still end up on the floor.

Agaknya dia jeles kot tengok Bobo selalu tido atas sofa.

Ambik ko. Tido kaw kaw punya....

Once in a while she would turn or move her paws...at the end she'll end up like this....


While Izzy was sleeping Bobo pulak sibuk nak Facebook ngan ani...

See? I told you. One day I kena bukak Fb account for my cats pulak. Lagi-lagi Ani selalu online and he just loves to bug when she's on FB....

See....sibuk tanya IT questions?


Later dia pun penat and start taking claims over the second sofa.....

In a curveball. I manage to take this a few minutes later....

...macam tengah senyum kan??? Sweet dreams???

Oh for the rest of you who haven't met my sister's cat....

...meet Momo @ Romeo.

Dot.....katakan kau rindu! Heheheheh.

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Kucing yang tidur macam kayu....

OMG, sangat tak boleh tahan. I think Bobo was tired from running around the house with Izzy and Momoe (Ani's cat who had recently joined us at our crib) and he simply nestled next to my netbook and make himself feel totally at home...

Boleh? I tried waking him up a couple of times but he refused to budge. He simply turn and continued sleeping....

...for over an hour.


Penat sangat la tu.

Monday, November 15, 2010

Selamat Hari Raya Haji

I will be driving back to hometown either later today or tomorrow morning to celebrate the Hari Raya Haji. Thank God dapat cuti esok, sebab I tak suka rush rush travel ni. Dah la kena balik Tampin dulu. Kalau ikutkan nak balik Kuala Pilah terus because its such a short break, nanti Wednesday nak kena rush balik KL lagi. Sigh. Tak suka drive long distance.

Nak buat macam mana dah terpaksa.

Anyways, I wish to take this opportunity to wish everyone Selamat Hari Raya Haji and do enjoy the mid week break.


A Kept Woman by Louise Bagshawe

I have to admit that reading chic lits had kept me sane lately. You wonder when I would have the time. I work late a lot lately, I didn't even have time for gym, but I have to say, stress and insomnia drove me to open yet another book and what do you know, this book held a record of finished within a week which is very fast considering I have very very limited time.

Reading takes the edge off I suppose. And made me dream. Something that rarely happens these days cause I'm such a freaking sceptic.


A kept woman tells the story of a woman who gives her all for luxury by marrying a rich man, only to find herself in a foreign country, divorced with not a single dollar on her. She was forced to work her way up and finally realised that the life she use to think as perfect, is not perfect at all and that the life she use to look down to and detest, is not so bad at all.

This is a book to all the girls out there who thinks marrying rich is the easy way out.

Because its not.


Because being rich doesn't mean you're inhuman and being human, we are never shy of scandals and problems. Life is how we made it.

I find satisfaction that the heroin finds a nice and decent guy at the end who is also (secretly) madly in love with her. Seriously, it kills me on how proud a guy can be and could never say it. If you love a person and is so interested, why play games and not be straight? If you don't say it then she won't know kan? Dropping hints is not the same as expressing yourself.

Like some people I know. Ehem.

Its a great read. Its just too bad I can't enjoy it at the beach with the sound of the waves behind me.

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Grocery shopping and cooking....

Its been a while since I actually cooked.

Ye lah, after my "disengagement"....all food I cooked taste bad. Its either too salty, too bland....at the end it doesn't taste as acceptable as it use to be. So I end up demotivated, malas dah nak masak.

That was over a year ago.

Since my sis just move in and we were clueless on where we should have lunch today, I suggested that we just go grocery shopping and cook so we can save a bit of dosh. So there we were, at our local supermarket at noon and we grabbed stuff for fried spagetthi for lunch.

And the verdict was....

...hmmm, I seem to get my mojo back.

My cooking is now not so bad (again).


Cik shasha, now that I can cook again...boleh la u ajar I masak ye?


Jangan risau, we learn low calorie cooking so we wont bust our diet.


Geting a shorter do....

As promised...piccas from the my last visit to Peek-A-Boo with Jo. Jo was there to get her hair done for her big day, while I was there for a hair and scalp treatment and a shorter haircut. *grin*. Not that I hate having long hair. Its just that long hair seems to get in the way of a busy schedule, and I look freaking messy with my hair tied up all day.

So I got Mi to give me a haircut to be just short enough so that I can not tie my hair. I know I know...short hair will only make me rounder and cuter...hahaha..but then what the heck. I use to rock it back then I will rock it again.

Both Jo and I have the same stylist , Mi, and we are a die-hard Mi fan for half a dcecade now and counting. To be frankly speaking I am so used to her I always feel that I'll get the layers wrong when I cut with someone else. Plus she really knows what suits me. So although sometimes I get to my nerves waiting at the salon to get my hair done, I just bite my tongue and smile, because as soon as Mi worked her magic I know I'll go home like a million bucks.

Kalau orang lain I won't hold my tongue. Heheheheheh.

Jo having huge waves perm done. I have to say I was a tad excited to see how it'll turn up, because I was contemplating a wavy do for quite a while but then to get the do you would need long hair and a lot of patience.

From experience I am not very patient.

Haahahahah. Though I know I don't look bad with permed hair.

I came equipped with my lappy and my newly downloaded TV series. Too bad I forgot my earphones. I was there for over 3 hours (oh yes, too long for cut and treatment right???) but at the end it was nicely done.....

Oh thats the curler machine. It heats up the rollers...funny kan???

After my Kerastase in salon hair and scalp treatment I felt totally refreshhed. This is the look after Mi's first cut....

Oh Mi took her time in 3 stages...that day alone she cuts my hair 3 times. She insist that I should root dye, but since I am still contemplating whether I should change my hair color so I told her not today.

To tell you the truth I have a love-hate relationship with this ash blonde color. At certain lighting mode its just so nic, healthy and shiny and just right stroke of color, you just have to love it. And there are days when I think what the hell where I thinking......isn't it too bright???

But then look at it....I have to say it has perfect match of color and highlights.


See....love hate thingy.

She finish me up sometime at 6pm so I can catch up with a house-warming party but then I didn't took photos then, so here it is, the second day shot....

Ok tak ok tak????? I know I know...cam cendawan butang? But you cant hate it coz its kinda trendy kan?

If I go back to dark color would it suit the short hair do better?

If you're shocked, then trust me you are not the only one. The rest of my officemates were shocked. Hmm....maybe too much ke? Anyways, takpe2, wait till I drop a few kilos....


Saturday, November 13, 2010

Back on Diet!

Recent turn of events made me jump back on the dieting wagon because seriously, I can't afford to go on a nother food honeymoon period and gained a kilo. To save all of you out there from the misery of me ranting about losing weight everyday I re-opened my food journal, so anyone who wants to follows me in my never-ending battle against weight loss can just drop by this URL...

Zuraida's Food Log

For now there's nothing much there, just a few post on my HL days and pre-usana period. But I was thinking of sharing other stuff, like slimming product reviews there....so if you're interested in any of it just go and visit once in a while. You never thought I'm the kind of person who digs slimming pills and potions do you? Trust me, I have tonnes of those. I have tried a bunch of on the counter slimming products, detox herbal pills from Himalayas, even Pati Halia Mujarab okay, so if you want to know what I think about it, stay tuned.

What? Why bother opening another blog and why don't I just rant about it here?

It'll be too crowded. The blog will be diet specific, including reminders on my gym progress and all....and I can leave about the rest of the world here. Let's just say the blog will focus on my personal wellness, and there I will tend to link more on good food and exercise bits....and leave the travelling, food-bingeing and exploring life here. So life's more balanced.

Hahahah.....agak tak patut bila sibuk diet kaw-kaw then suddenly next post is about you food-bingeing in Thailand or Singapore or Philippines.


Have a good weekend!

Thursday, November 11, 2010

It's food time!!!!!

Izzy's lack of interest over food recently somewhat troubles me. She barely touches her food, and when she did, it has to be wet food. In which obnoxious la kan, ko ingat aku banyak sangat duit nak beli makanan basah tiap2 hari???

I tau la sedap. hehehe.

So I decided to switch food. All this while I gave my cats IAMS and Premium Edge....tapi last few days I was introduced to Equalibrio....a North American brand so-called equivalent to Royal Canine.

At first I was sceptical. But then within minutes Izzy went to the bowl and soon-after, both Bobo and Izzy were fighting to eat...

In which at the end Bobo just gave up, and start going in que.

Bagus-bagus....belajar kerjasama.

Izzy gobbled almost a quarter load of the food before passaing the bowl to Bobo.


I suppose Bobo was happy to get his share. Lepas tu macam diorang suka suka je lari in the house.

But then Izzy still gatal buat muka merajuk.

Damn it. Jual mahal.

Tak pe tak pe.

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Movie Marathon Month

Who says you can't catch up with the latest movie buzz when you're busy with work???

The fact that I am stressed drove me closer to the cinema since that's one of my stress busters. Though I can't frequent them on weekdays.....there's no stopping me to sneak in to the midnight matinees. And being single is a super plus when it comes to going to the movies - you don't have to wait up for a partner, you get to watch whatever you want and there is always one odd seat available at top row. No need to worry about not getting a pair of seats at the very last minute.

Seriously, I was at the movies every weekend midnight and I was never disappointed over a full house.


Movie marathon kicked off with "You again" last month.

Have you ever given an ounce of thought if you are ever to meet your arch enemy from high school again, and surprise surprise, she's soon to be family???

Thank God I was never bullied!

*okay, thats a total lie. :P - but then I was never bullied like Kristen Bell, so all is good :P*

I was expecting something more like Freaky Friday but I have to say that its not up to that level. But then its a good watch.

Next is Takers.....

Oh yummeylicious cast....how could I not watch it twice????

I can't deny that I feel in love with all of them...oh you bad boys are just so tempting.

The story tells of a robbery gone wrong due to a vendetta of a former crew member. Love the action scenes, especially when Chris Brown ran all over town to elude the cops, the shooting scene at the hotel against the Russians and the final shoot out that kills the two brothers....

....robbers, Bonnie and Clyde death, minus the Bonnie.

But then my obvious favourite will be Hayden Christensen....

....surprise surprise. At first even I myself thought it'll be Paul Walker, but Hayden is such a charmer...in a bad boy charming college frat kind of way...all suit up and nice with the hottest car among all....bila mati pun hensem.


Last weekend I grabbed the midnight tix to watch Denzel Washington and Chris Payne in Unstoppable.
Based on a true story, I doubt the original train conductor is as cute as Chris Payne but then whoever it was deserved a huge thumbs up because the 1 and half hour show is so nerve-wrecking to watch, it takes a real hero to go through what they went through....

The fact that Chris Payne is an eye candy is a huge bonus.

But then I have to say Unstoppable is way better than Takers....so if you have to choose between that two go for Unstoppable. I tell you it will keep you on the edge of your seats.


I watched the cutest movie ever yesterday.....

At first I have my reservations....but who can't say no to Josh Duhamel????

The movie tells a story of Holly and Messer who despite not being able to get along have to pull their act together when their best friend died in a car accident and left them as the guardian to their only child, Sophie. In between diapers and figuring out what to do with their lives, they fell in love.


But then the movie was freaking funny. The catfights, the baby.....

The baby knows how to act!!! Love it!!!

Must watch. I am going to get a CD and put it next to my Copy of "The Ugly Truth"


When was the last time you get to watch a good love story anyway?

Oh I forgot Eat Pray Love. But that was not so much love story for about searching one-self anyway. This is a good love story.

Next....Harry Potter!!!! Coming on the 18th! Can't wait!

Monday, November 8, 2010

Weekend off - again!

The weekend was fabulous. I played hooky from work. *Wink wink*. After hanging out with my buddies on Friday night I was so not in the working mood...

....nak kerja kat umah???

Way not!


Anyways, went to Peek-A-Boo on Friday while everyone else is celebrating Deepavali and my hair turn out great. Despite the fact that my face now looks round like a mushroom, the girls love the new look and thats all that matters....at least I don't look so odd. Perhaps more gym time then I'll manage to rock the hair-do like Jessica Alba....

Oh yeah. That's the do.Same cut and length from before the "zuraida's boy cut era" in 2008. With a decent hair blow I have to admit it can be kinda hot.

Now....to work on the losing weight bit. Its such a bitch.


Since I can't do much about losing weight this very instant, I took a quick trip to Aman Suria and got my nails done at Nail Jewels yesterday. They are having a promo for first trial mani pedi (RM45 only) and 1 hour massage (RM40 only) and since I'm el-cheapo I grabbed both!I have to say the massage is so worth it. Hari ni badan ringan sajo. I suke. And I am rocking the baby pink nails.Though amante does better color. The finish is okay la. I hope it'll last for 2 weeks.


Its gonna be Hari Raya Haji soon. Gotta work out so I can fit back into the kebaya's.


Ciao peeps.

Friday, November 5, 2010

Finally, a time out....

Happy Deepavali everyone!!!!

I should thank Jo, because of her I am out of the office, had a proper sit down lunch and now sitting in a salon getting my hair done. To tell you the truth I am getting tired with my hair-do already. Seriously, the stress at work was mounting and most of the time I loathe looking at the mirror with my hair tied up in a bun all the time. Nak kata rambut panjang sangat pun tak jugak....tapi rimas....you know?

So since I still have one more round of hair treatment then what the heck, might as well get the hair done and got it trimmed as well kan? I wanna look my best for Jo's big day! *grin*Takkan la everyone looks great and tetiba there's me....all worn out and tired looking with bad hair day. No sireee!!!!!

Mi had already taken her first snip!

Let's cross our fingers and hope I won't regret a shorter hair-do.


To be frankly speaking I won't regret having short hair till 3 years later (which was the case the last time I had a boy cut hair do) tapi I am not going to go ballistic and opt for another pixie cut so I suppose it wont hit me bad. As long as I look more chic and less despreate housewives at work.....

....which reminds me.....

...I have to start thinking of a new wardrobe.


I have yet started with spring cleaning my wardrobe. Time was scarce recently that I haven't got even a minute to sit back and start re-organising myself. Anyhow I have to find time soon. I need to start trimming the stuff I don't use anymore and making up a list of new clothes I want to replace it with so I wont be getting those ones that I don't need.

ooooh, I need a new pair of jeans.


OMG, my eyebags is killing me.


Will buzz yo with the latest look. Go rock and party!

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Missing me...

Hallo!!!! Miss me already?

Yeah, I miss me too. In fact, I miss myself so much I wish I can just scoot somewhere far and never come back to work - like ever. Can you believe it that I am fast turning into an workaholic? Serious tak tipu. Its almost 8pm now and guess what, I am still in office, buried in piles of paperwork. There is too much paper I can't tell which paper is more updated than the other one. For the first time in years I am running from one department to another working.

Yeah , kesimpulannya I am one of those crazy buggers now.

Who work late.

Who work weekends.

Who's now starting to get back pain (yet again) for crouching to long to stare at my monitor scrolling over excel files from coloum A to AA filled with numbers.

*yeah, hampir mahu juling di situ*


I am trying to wrap up as much as possible in case I can't make it to the office over the weekends, I would have a major part of work covered. But hey, the pile seems to be bottomless. Damn it might take ages.

Crap. Now you reminded me of more things to do.


Kan best if I have a bath tub at home, and I can just go home and soak in a bubble bath?

I wish. I should get one. Then I should go buy those bubble bath balls that foams up in sweet scents.

That sounds really really nice.

Despite all odds, I thank God for giving me a good night's rest this past couple of days. The weather was cool and it was so good I didn't wake up till my alarm went off.


Happy Deepavali to everyone. Have a great weekend!

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

So far.....

A lot had happened recently and I finally get to load the photos after weeks of corporate slavery....

Komala celebrates her 29th birthday at The Library Mid Valley!

Thanks to Shahnaz who mastermind her surprise birthday party, all of us had a smashing good time.

And look at the birthday girl...

....kalau dah Shahnaz yang organise mesti ada mask ok.

So tahan je la.

Happy Birthday babe. Can't wait for the next party on the 12th!

Louisa got married......

Cantek kan???

The simplest yet elegant wedding ever. I was so grateful that it all went quick and smooth, sebab to tell you the truth I was really really tired that weekend sebab I was working my *toot* off.

Sempat catch up with Mrs Dot. Babe, mana gambar dar camera ko??? Aku mahu!!!!!


We had my bestie's Jo hen's party at Andana Spa last weekend.

*me likey likey likey*

What? u expect me to release the piccas?

Hahahah. I have but one favourite to share....

Oh..unlimited supply of strawberry Haagen Daaz....made my day okay!

We spa, we ate and we watched chick flick. It all sums up to a very very very nice and restfull weekend. The one I needed so badly.


Now that its November am looking forward to more parties despite the huge workload at office. Work smart and party hard!