Saturday, November 13, 2010

Back on Diet!

Recent turn of events made me jump back on the dieting wagon because seriously, I can't afford to go on a nother food honeymoon period and gained a kilo. To save all of you out there from the misery of me ranting about losing weight everyday I re-opened my food journal, so anyone who wants to follows me in my never-ending battle against weight loss can just drop by this URL...

Zuraida's Food Log

For now there's nothing much there, just a few post on my HL days and pre-usana period. But I was thinking of sharing other stuff, like slimming product reviews if you're interested in any of it just go and visit once in a while. You never thought I'm the kind of person who digs slimming pills and potions do you? Trust me, I have tonnes of those. I have tried a bunch of on the counter slimming products, detox herbal pills from Himalayas, even Pati Halia Mujarab okay, so if you want to know what I think about it, stay tuned.

What? Why bother opening another blog and why don't I just rant about it here?

It'll be too crowded. The blog will be diet specific, including reminders on my gym progress and all....and I can leave about the rest of the world here. Let's just say the blog will focus on my personal wellness, and there I will tend to link more on good food and exercise bits....and leave the travelling, food-bingeing and exploring life here. So life's more balanced.

Hahahah.....agak tak patut bila sibuk diet kaw-kaw then suddenly next post is about you food-bingeing in Thailand or Singapore or Philippines.


Have a good weekend!


shasha said...

review???hahahahhah...sila review byk2 ok..peminat kamu semuanya sedang menunggu~!!!

Zuraida said...

hahahah..ok la ok la.aku tau ko sorang je peminat setia aku.


dont rub salt on the wound ok.