Friday, November 5, 2010

Finally, a time out....

Happy Deepavali everyone!!!!

I should thank Jo, because of her I am out of the office, had a proper sit down lunch and now sitting in a salon getting my hair done. To tell you the truth I am getting tired with my hair-do already. Seriously, the stress at work was mounting and most of the time I loathe looking at the mirror with my hair tied up in a bun all the time. Nak kata rambut panjang sangat pun tak jugak....tapi know?

So since I still have one more round of hair treatment then what the heck, might as well get the hair done and got it trimmed as well kan? I wanna look my best for Jo's big day! *grin*Takkan la everyone looks great and tetiba there's me....all worn out and tired looking with bad hair day. No sireee!!!!!

Mi had already taken her first snip!

Let's cross our fingers and hope I won't regret a shorter hair-do.


To be frankly speaking I won't regret having short hair till 3 years later (which was the case the last time I had a boy cut hair do) tapi I am not going to go ballistic and opt for another pixie cut so I suppose it wont hit me bad. As long as I look more chic and less despreate housewives at work.....

....which reminds me.....

...I have to start thinking of a new wardrobe.


I have yet started with spring cleaning my wardrobe. Time was scarce recently that I haven't got even a minute to sit back and start re-organising myself. Anyhow I have to find time soon. I need to start trimming the stuff I don't use anymore and making up a list of new clothes I want to replace it with so I wont be getting those ones that I don't need.

ooooh, I need a new pair of jeans.


OMG, my eyebags is killing me.


Will buzz yo with the latest look. Go rock and party!

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