Sunday, November 14, 2010

Geting a shorter do....

As promised...piccas from the my last visit to Peek-A-Boo with Jo. Jo was there to get her hair done for her big day, while I was there for a hair and scalp treatment and a shorter haircut. *grin*. Not that I hate having long hair. Its just that long hair seems to get in the way of a busy schedule, and I look freaking messy with my hair tied up all day.

So I got Mi to give me a haircut to be just short enough so that I can not tie my hair. I know I know...short hair will only make me rounder and cuter...hahaha..but then what the heck. I use to rock it back then I will rock it again.

Both Jo and I have the same stylist , Mi, and we are a die-hard Mi fan for half a dcecade now and counting. To be frankly speaking I am so used to her I always feel that I'll get the layers wrong when I cut with someone else. Plus she really knows what suits me. So although sometimes I get to my nerves waiting at the salon to get my hair done, I just bite my tongue and smile, because as soon as Mi worked her magic I know I'll go home like a million bucks.

Kalau orang lain I won't hold my tongue. Heheheheheh.

Jo having huge waves perm done. I have to say I was a tad excited to see how it'll turn up, because I was contemplating a wavy do for quite a while but then to get the do you would need long hair and a lot of patience.

From experience I am not very patient.

Haahahahah. Though I know I don't look bad with permed hair.

I came equipped with my lappy and my newly downloaded TV series. Too bad I forgot my earphones. I was there for over 3 hours (oh yes, too long for cut and treatment right???) but at the end it was nicely done.....

Oh thats the curler machine. It heats up the rollers...funny kan???

After my Kerastase in salon hair and scalp treatment I felt totally refreshhed. This is the look after Mi's first cut....

Oh Mi took her time in 3 stages...that day alone she cuts my hair 3 times. She insist that I should root dye, but since I am still contemplating whether I should change my hair color so I told her not today.

To tell you the truth I have a love-hate relationship with this ash blonde color. At certain lighting mode its just so nic, healthy and shiny and just right stroke of color, you just have to love it. And there are days when I think what the hell where I thinking......isn't it too bright???

But then look at it....I have to say it has perfect match of color and highlights.

Sigh. hate thingy.

She finish me up sometime at 6pm so I can catch up with a house-warming party but then I didn't took photos then, so here it is, the second day shot....

Ok tak ok tak????? I know I cendawan butang? But you cant hate it coz its kinda trendy kan?

If I go back to dark color would it suit the short hair do better?

If you're shocked, then trust me you are not the only one. The rest of my officemates were shocked. Hmm....maybe too much ke? Anyways, takpe2, wait till I drop a few kilos....



dot said...

babe. omigod. I love your hairdo. looks chic. unlike mine yg indeed rupe macam cendawan butang..nangesss..huhu..neway..selamat hari raya..

Zuraida said...

Glad u love them

*air kiss*


Selamat Hari Raya to you too!!!