Sunday, November 14, 2010

Grocery shopping and cooking....

Its been a while since I actually cooked.

Ye lah, after my "disengagement"....all food I cooked taste bad. Its either too salty, too the end it doesn't taste as acceptable as it use to be. So I end up demotivated, malas dah nak masak.

That was over a year ago.

Since my sis just move in and we were clueless on where we should have lunch today, I suggested that we just go grocery shopping and cook so we can save a bit of dosh. So there we were, at our local supermarket at noon and we grabbed stuff for fried spagetthi for lunch.

And the verdict was....

...hmmm, I seem to get my mojo back.

My cooking is now not so bad (again).


Cik shasha, now that I can cook again...boleh la u ajar I masak ye?


Jangan risau, we learn low calorie cooking so we wont bust our diet.



shasha said...

aik?? bukan kau terrer dari aku kah?? bila nak jemput aku makan kat rumah kau ni??

Zuraida said...

eh mana ada...kan aritu ko dah janji nak ajar aku masak....

begedil tu, begedil tu...