Monday, November 22, 2010

I end up.....

What I would love to write....

Phewh, I spent a good hour at the gym. The 30 minute run was good, and I got a loadfull of oxygen in my lungs from my practice sun salutation. yeay. all in all I feel good.


But then in reality is, I never made out of the door of my home once I came back for the padlock. Shame on you zuraida. Shame on you. I thought you're determined today.


I came back and my sis hadn't bathed the cats yet. I felt bad making her bath all 3 cats all by herself, so I drag one cat to the bathroom and start bathing. 2 hours later we manage to bath all 3 cats and clean them up really really good.

What? 3 hours??

Yeah, they're on intensive care. So mandi lama nak mati.

I kow Izzy felt good. She's been happy all night as she sat next to me and cleans her fur.

Oh yeah, that one is a clean freak.

And she kissed me twice!

Oh yeah I thought my cats how to kiss!


Its okay. We still have tomorrow.


shasha said...

dah...dah...jgn ponteng lagi...

Zuraida said...

yes sir!

dieya said...

i think bathing a cat is a workout by itself! my mum's cat dulu (now no more) punya susah nak mandi we used to put her in a cage and siram dari luar. kena kenan kambing agaknya :-D

Zuraida said...


i do have to agree that 2 hours bathing that 3 cats is kinda tiring!