Thursday, November 11, 2010

It's food time!!!!!

Izzy's lack of interest over food recently somewhat troubles me. She barely touches her food, and when she did, it has to be wet food. In which obnoxious la kan, ko ingat aku banyak sangat duit nak beli makanan basah tiap2 hari???

I tau la sedap. hehehe.

So I decided to switch food. All this while I gave my cats IAMS and Premium Edge....tapi last few days I was introduced to Equalibrio....a North American brand so-called equivalent to Royal Canine.

At first I was sceptical. But then within minutes Izzy went to the bowl and soon-after, both Bobo and Izzy were fighting to eat...

In which at the end Bobo just gave up, and start going in que.

Bagus-bagus....belajar kerjasama.

Izzy gobbled almost a quarter load of the food before passaing the bowl to Bobo.


I suppose Bobo was happy to get his share. Lepas tu macam diorang suka suka je lari in the house.

But then Izzy still gatal buat muka merajuk.

Damn it. Jual mahal.

Tak pe tak pe.


auntie elle said...

omaigod. gebu nyer itu bobo.. wait till i go there and squeeze his tail out.

hhahaha izzy reminded me of my own cats.. they all went through this one phase of being sooo picky about their food i dunno why. my theory is they wanted to get your attention sbb tu la buat perangai x senonoh gitu.. hahahah. problem is that x senonoh punya perangai tu makes a hole in our pocket. sigh. tapi sayang punya pasal kann... oooohhh i miss my cats and cant wait to get home!

Zuraida said...


what to do kan?

its okay babe. u will be back before you know it. nanti u balik i got something to share. muahahha. crossing my fingers and hope it works.