Monday, November 15, 2010

A Kept Woman by Louise Bagshawe

I have to admit that reading chic lits had kept me sane lately. You wonder when I would have the time. I work late a lot lately, I didn't even have time for gym, but I have to say, stress and insomnia drove me to open yet another book and what do you know, this book held a record of finished within a week which is very fast considering I have very very limited time.

Reading takes the edge off I suppose. And made me dream. Something that rarely happens these days cause I'm such a freaking sceptic.


A kept woman tells the story of a woman who gives her all for luxury by marrying a rich man, only to find herself in a foreign country, divorced with not a single dollar on her. She was forced to work her way up and finally realised that the life she use to think as perfect, is not perfect at all and that the life she use to look down to and detest, is not so bad at all.

This is a book to all the girls out there who thinks marrying rich is the easy way out.

Because its not.


Because being rich doesn't mean you're inhuman and being human, we are never shy of scandals and problems. Life is how we made it.

I find satisfaction that the heroin finds a nice and decent guy at the end who is also (secretly) madly in love with her. Seriously, it kills me on how proud a guy can be and could never say it. If you love a person and is so interested, why play games and not be straight? If you don't say it then she won't know kan? Dropping hints is not the same as expressing yourself.

Like some people I know. Ehem.

Its a great read. Its just too bad I can't enjoy it at the beach with the sound of the waves behind me.

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