Thursday, November 4, 2010

Missing me...

Hallo!!!! Miss me already?

Yeah, I miss me too. In fact, I miss myself so much I wish I can just scoot somewhere far and never come back to work - like ever. Can you believe it that I am fast turning into an workaholic? Serious tak tipu. Its almost 8pm now and guess what, I am still in office, buried in piles of paperwork. There is too much paper I can't tell which paper is more updated than the other one. For the first time in years I am running from one department to another working.

Yeah , kesimpulannya I am one of those crazy buggers now.

Who work late.

Who work weekends.

Who's now starting to get back pain (yet again) for crouching to long to stare at my monitor scrolling over excel files from coloum A to AA filled with numbers.

*yeah, hampir mahu juling di situ*


I am trying to wrap up as much as possible in case I can't make it to the office over the weekends, I would have a major part of work covered. But hey, the pile seems to be bottomless. Damn it might take ages.

Crap. Now you reminded me of more things to do.


Kan best if I have a bath tub at home, and I can just go home and soak in a bubble bath?

I wish. I should get one. Then I should go buy those bubble bath balls that foams up in sweet scents.

That sounds really really nice.

Despite all odds, I thank God for giving me a good night's rest this past couple of days. The weather was cool and it was so good I didn't wake up till my alarm went off.


Happy Deepavali to everyone. Have a great weekend!

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