Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Movie Marathon Month

Who says you can't catch up with the latest movie buzz when you're busy with work???

The fact that I am stressed drove me closer to the cinema since that's one of my stress busters. Though I can't frequent them on weekdays.....there's no stopping me to sneak in to the midnight matinees. And being single is a super plus when it comes to going to the movies - you don't have to wait up for a partner, you get to watch whatever you want and there is always one odd seat available at top row. No need to worry about not getting a pair of seats at the very last minute.

Seriously, I was at the movies every weekend midnight and I was never disappointed over a full house.


Movie marathon kicked off with "You again" last month.

Have you ever given an ounce of thought if you are ever to meet your arch enemy from high school again, and surprise surprise, she's soon to be family???

Thank God I was never bullied!

*okay, thats a total lie. :P - but then I was never bullied like Kristen Bell, so all is good :P*

I was expecting something more like Freaky Friday but I have to say that its not up to that level. But then its a good watch.

Next is Takers.....

Oh yummeylicious cast....how could I not watch it twice????

I can't deny that I feel in love with all of them...oh you bad boys are just so tempting.

The story tells of a robbery gone wrong due to a vendetta of a former crew member. Love the action scenes, especially when Chris Brown ran all over town to elude the cops, the shooting scene at the hotel against the Russians and the final shoot out that kills the two brothers....

....robbers, Bonnie and Clyde death, minus the Bonnie.

But then my obvious favourite will be Hayden Christensen....

....surprise surprise. At first even I myself thought it'll be Paul Walker, but Hayden is such a charmer...in a bad boy charming college frat kind of way...all suit up and nice with the hottest car among all....bila mati pun hensem.


Last weekend I grabbed the midnight tix to watch Denzel Washington and Chris Payne in Unstoppable.
Based on a true story, I doubt the original train conductor is as cute as Chris Payne but then whoever it was deserved a huge thumbs up because the 1 and half hour show is so nerve-wrecking to watch, it takes a real hero to go through what they went through....

The fact that Chris Payne is an eye candy is a huge bonus.

But then I have to say Unstoppable is way better than Takers....so if you have to choose between that two go for Unstoppable. I tell you it will keep you on the edge of your seats.


I watched the cutest movie ever yesterday.....

At first I have my reservations....but who can't say no to Josh Duhamel????

The movie tells a story of Holly and Messer who despite not being able to get along have to pull their act together when their best friend died in a car accident and left them as the guardian to their only child, Sophie. In between diapers and figuring out what to do with their lives, they fell in love.


But then the movie was freaking funny. The catfights, the baby.....

The baby knows how to act!!! Love it!!!

Must watch. I am going to get a CD and put it next to my Copy of "The Ugly Truth"


When was the last time you get to watch a good love story anyway?

Oh I forgot Eat Pray Love. But that was not so much love story for about searching one-self anyway. This is a good love story.

Next....Harry Potter!!!! Coming on the 18th! Can't wait!

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