Tuesday, November 23, 2010

New fascination - Coach Madison Leather Convertible Hobo

The downside of working next to a huge shopping mall is the constant temptation to shop everyday. Yes, after a while you get immune to the huge sale sign and the colorful posters offering lower and lower discounts but then from time to time you just can't help but walk in the store with a huge "Stock Clearance" sign.....

....especially when its designer's.....

....and end up falling in love with the new arrival.

Damn it.

*baru berangan about Burberry Black Label semalam. Mrs LVoe.....I am still waiting for your suggestion here*

After putting up a strong front for over a year now, I finally succumbed to the sale sign and walked in to Coach with Ika after lunch. Of course at first I don't see where's the harm sebab being the strong(er) person I am now (who no longer splurge upon expensive things upon impulse - wink wink), I bet walking in and out of the store will be no big deal until I saw this lil baby....

*CoachMadison Leather Convertible Hobo*

Its chic, its classy...its so not the typical coach we carry because its in full leather and it drops on my body oh so nicely......

*bestnya kalau boleh bawak pergi holiday kan???*

Okay, ke situ pulak pikirnya.

Not that it won't be nice if I get to stroll down the streets of Bangkok with it. Not that I am going to Bangkok anytime soon....just saying.....


10 minutes later I was in awe...Ika was in awe too over the same bag and gosh......I want one!

Damn it.

Now the bagaholic/shopaholic/fashionista in me is resurficing again.


Holla world. Say hi to.....my new baby bag?


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