Monday, November 1, 2010


I had a great weekend. The spa bridal shower with Jo and her besties (yeah, me too - one of the besties...heheheh) was greatt, to a point that I shouted hooray when my car battery died the next day.

*grin. tak payah kerja sunday. hip hip hooray. ho yeah. never been happier that my car battery died*

I was all smiles this morning despite the mountain of work on my desk. Seriously, kalau nak expect kerja tu habis sampai bila pun takkan abis, so best to take it one thing at a time and just clear as much as I can. Sigh. I was such in a crappy state this past 2 weeks that I wish I can just run away and hide somewhere far far away till everyone else cleared up the mess for me but then hohoho, dream on. That could never happen if I want to keep getting paid.


*Dear Knight in Shining Armour, where are thou?*

Its okay. Take a deep breath. Its less than 2 months away to my weekend break and I am so looking forward to it.

*all smiles*

Cioa. Need to get back to w.o.r.k.

Buzz me sometime to make sure I still lives.


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