Tuesday, November 2, 2010

So far.....

A lot had happened recently and I finally get to load the photos after weeks of corporate slavery....

Komala celebrates her 29th birthday at The Library Mid Valley!

Thanks to Shahnaz who mastermind her surprise birthday party, all of us had a smashing good time.

And look at the birthday girl...

....kalau dah Shahnaz yang organise mesti ada mask ok.

So tahan je la.

Happy Birthday babe. Can't wait for the next party on the 12th!

Louisa got married......

Cantek kan???

The simplest yet elegant wedding ever. I was so grateful that it all went quick and smooth, sebab to tell you the truth I was really really tired that weekend sebab I was working my *toot* off.

Sempat catch up with Mrs Dot. Babe, mana gambar dar camera ko??? Aku mahu!!!!!


We had my bestie's Jo hen's party at Andana Spa last weekend.

*me likey likey likey*

What? u expect me to release the piccas?

Hahahah. I have but one favourite to share....

Oh..unlimited supply of strawberry Haagen Daaz....made my day okay!

We spa, we ate and we watched chick flick. It all sums up to a very very very nice and restfull weekend. The one I needed so badly.


Now that its November am looking forward to more parties despite the huge workload at office. Work smart and party hard!



Sweettooth said...

the unlimited ice cream from Andana Spa or some buffet spread?

Zuraida said...

its from andana....can entry fees dia include food. :)