Wednesday, November 24, 2010

trying to think positive

Can i bitch about work?


Okay. I don't think so. It has been a very busy day, to a point that I was so tied up.

Grrr....ntah mana ntah figure figure ni pop up.

Jeez. Being an accountant isn't as rosy as I expected it to be when I was in high school. Back then acccounting was the next class I look forward to after English, because its easy. Hahahahaah. But then accounting Form 5 and accounting in real life is so different, thanks to a bunch of us who gets more and more creative every year in adding spice to (otherwise) a boring profession. Yes, the profession has come a long way since those days only debit credit what matters.....its freaking complicated now to a point I keep asking myself....

....are we all so bored with our lives to a point that we keep pushing rubbish and do things that we don't need to do? semua orang dah start kiasu is it???


Okay okay, by now I am rambling nonsense that perhaps half of you out there won't understand. Yes, unless you are in my shoes you won't be faced with what I am going through. Even half of the people I know is not going through what I am going through.


Alas, its good to keep a positive mind.

I would like to believe that I earn an honest living and what I do will somewhat make me a better person one day. It has taken me places, and with luck and (more) hard work it will take me to more good places.

I would like to believe that whatever I am facing today will get better tomorrow and its just a learning curve that is only tough the first time round, and over time, things will get easier.

I would love to think that I can get good career advancement and great perks out of what I am doing now.

I would hate it if things doesn't end up the way I believe it would be.


Just another day. Let's all pray for a better tomorrow.


zie said...

Seriously, this profession is becoming so boring up to the point that sometimes I regret taking Accountancy during those college and university days.

Kan best, mak jadik receptionist aje. Kerja happy aje, takde stress-stress!!

Zuraida said...

mana ko tau receptionist tak stress?


Anonymous said...

hi Zue,
I am a silent reader of your blog !
Hi hi !

I read your last post on madison leather hobo ..i like it too!
Would you mind to tell how much does it cost in malaysia?
Here in singapore, it sells 675 dollar for newer version..and for previosu version( purple,green, orange,brown)they are having 30% off which is 472 dollar.
But if we buy at Cangi airport ,it cost 630 dollar and 441 each...
How much that lovely bag cost in malaysia>>>>?

Zuraida said...

Hi anonymous,

You like it too? its lovely ain't it? I showed it to my sister yesterday when we passed Coach at One Utama and she agreed too.


anyways, its priced at RM1600 in Coach at Gardens (for the purple and black leather). Its tagged as new arrival, so its not part of the Coach Clearance Sale that they are having now.

That means Singapore is elling cheaper??? *giggles* I so wanna buy them next month when I go down to SG.

Thanks babe for the info.


Zuraida said...
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