Monday, November 8, 2010

Weekend off - again!

The weekend was fabulous. I played hooky from work. *Wink wink*. After hanging out with my buddies on Friday night I was so not in the working mood...

....nak kerja kat umah???

Way not!


Anyways, went to Peek-A-Boo on Friday while everyone else is celebrating Deepavali and my hair turn out great. Despite the fact that my face now looks round like a mushroom, the girls love the new look and thats all that least I don't look so odd. Perhaps more gym time then I'll manage to rock the hair-do like Jessica Alba....

Oh yeah. That's the do.Same cut and length from before the "zuraida's boy cut era" in 2008. With a decent hair blow I have to admit it can be kinda hot. work on the losing weight bit. Its such a bitch.


Since I can't do much about losing weight this very instant, I took a quick trip to Aman Suria and got my nails done at Nail Jewels yesterday. They are having a promo for first trial mani pedi (RM45 only) and 1 hour massage (RM40 only) and since I'm el-cheapo I grabbed both!I have to say the massage is so worth it. Hari ni badan ringan sajo. I suke. And I am rocking the baby pink nails.Though amante does better color. The finish is okay la. I hope it'll last for 2 weeks.


Its gonna be Hari Raya Haji soon. Gotta work out so I can fit back into the kebaya's.


Ciao peeps.


shasha said...

sila berlari extra time and no more teh tarik session until Raya it??hahahaha...someone gonna miss me so much..aite??

Zuraida said...

ke u will be the one missing me?