Friday, December 10, 2010

Bed rest - as the doctor ordered

I sprained my ankle.

It was bad.

Now I am bound to stay at home. Aiyoh. Baru lost 3 kilos and a few inches tetiba sprained the ankle and cant move. My mom's at home so now I am like well fed. Abis la....tak lama lagi selamat la progress itu.


I am on mc since yesterday and was advise to restrict my movements and just sit around. Sigh. Boleh ke cenggitu??? mula la rasa resah ni.

Hope to get better soon....pronto!


Elyn said...

get well soon zu!!! :D

~LIZA~ said...

get well soon babe!

PuteriKureKure said...

la...camne ko leh terseliuh? cepat sembuh ye. aku doakan.

dieya said...

oh dear.. how did it happen?
get well soon zue!