Wednesday, December 8, 2010

How do you wear your perfume??

I was enjoying my early morning caffeine while browsing the internet and stumbled upon a very interesting tip on how to wear your perfume by BellaSugar (click here for full article) and I we wear our perfume right???

How do you wear your perfume?

I wear mine in a rush. usually once I dressed up I do a once over spray all over my body....starting from the wrist, up to the neck then later downwards to my waist. Oh yeah, macam mandi minyak wangi but what the heck....its mine anyway. Ada this one time I had tonnes of perfume tak pakai and thats the fastest way to finish yeah, dah terbiasa do the once over spray.

But then of course it doesn't last that long, sebab it barely have contact on the skin. Most of the time it'll stick to the dress.

Here's the tip I got from the site....

  • Begin by spraying (or dabbing) some of your favorite scent on your wrists. However, do not rub your wrists together, as it interferes with the way the fragrance is intended to evolve. Just spritz and let it settle.
  • Next, apply a tiny bit to other pulse points: at base of your throat, behind your ear lobes, at the bend in your elbows, between the breasts, along your collarbones, and right behind your knees if you are wearing a dress or a skirt.
  • Unless your hair is perfectly clean, do not apply the scent to your hair or spray perfume on your brush. The oils in hair can break down and change the scent of your fragrance.
  • Did you know that perfumes can have significant reactions to the hormones in your body? It's true, so don't expect your favorite fragrance to have the same effect when you are stressed, menstruating, or pregnant.
(Source : BellaSugar)

I do know about the "do not rub your wrist upon spraying your perfume" rule. Rubbing will breaks the molecules and alters the composition of the perfume, so rubbing is a huge no-no.

Some people I know keep their perfumes in the fridge to make it feel "cool and refreshing" and last longer. The same applies to cosmetic products (creams and serums).


Imagine a fridge full of beauty products rather than food. Hahahaha. We can stock the mini bar in your room with perfumes.

My current scent is Bvlgari Omnia Green Jade.
Which I simply love love love.

At times ehen I wish to have a slight lingering scent, I do the perfume cloud and walk over it.

It simple you see, just spray your perfume on the air and walk through it.....then a subtle lingering scent will somehow settle on you.

Great right?

A tip that I can use is not to spray perfume on the hair. I didn't know that the oil in the air can somehow mess with the fragrant.


I have my eyes on this next.....

Oh trust me...its simply divine to have it on.


....and when I do have this....will definitely practice all the tips to make it last longer.


f.i.e.z.a said...

Mine is clinique happy in bloom.I love scents yg bau bunga2 segar :)

Zuraida said...

oh i tried that one with ika masa on sale last month. best best.


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