Wednesday, December 1, 2010

I almost forgot...its already December y'all!!!!

My oh my what do we have here.....11 months had gone by and guess what, we have about 30 more days to go before we say adios to 2010! It started like any other ordinary day to me but then when i received an email saying "hey, we have 4 more weeks to go till New Year" I go smacked "what?" when all I can think about was going on leave in 2 weeks.....

....yeah, excited sangat nak cuti sampai lupa nak party?

So not me.

Over the past couple of days people had been asking what my holiday plans were, whether I'll be in town or whatnot and I only have one answer....


In which gila la kan sebab I always have aplan.


Actually i did have a plan. I planned to go to Abu Dhabi and meet my ex-housemate Che Farah who had settled in UAE for quite a while now. Up till June I have been saving my 2 week block leave for that sole purpose till one day Komala reminded me that Chun Seng is having his wedding dinner on th 26th and I promised for over a yer that i won't miss his big day.


So I cancelled the trip and got a Burberry bag. Heheheheheh.

*wink wink*

So the new plan is to go with the flow and I have given a thought to go on a quickie island trip with Ani but then her passport is expired, so here I am, alone again.....


Sape nak pergi holiday with me angkat tangan!

On another note, I can go and visit FiezaZaza in KCH.


Oh I can't seem to make up my mind can't I?

As the days go by there will come a time when I should reflect of the happenings during the year. Stay posted.


dieya said...

hey babe, i have an award for you. dtg amik 2moro (2/12) at my blog k!

shasha said...

saya angkat kaki!

Zuraida said...


oh kejap lagi i check out. mekacih mekacih.


katakan saje ko nak ikut aku, kan kan kan???