Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Oh the feeling of christmas is back.....

How could you not love Christmas in December when all the malls are nicely decorated, music humming happy songs....kida happily playing around....it feels like there is so much peace and love in the air.

Its a public holiday and I am at the Gardens (again). No, not to shop or jalan jalan, but to work. Sigh. But in my way to gym I get to go around the mall and enjoy the deco, and whats not to love with a white christmas that at the same time, look so green?

Cantek kan.

I wish I can go shopping. Kan best kalau boleh membeli belah. Hip hip hooray. This dress (at display in DKNY) looks gorgeous.....

Coupled with a necklace and earrings set at swarovski.....

Cun okay.

Just looking at it made my day.

Takpe la.

On another note, when Gardens are decorated ala classy and posh, Mid Valley became a haven for children....

OMG, super humongous teddy bear!!! I want!!!!

Okay, enough fooling around.

Now get back to work.

happy holidays y'all. Cya at office tomorrow.

P/S : Diet update at my foodlog. Click here.


dieya said...

one of my fav malaysia christmas thing is the christmas carol at ikea. and their decos. and owh, fruit cake with white frosting. and cookies.

i enjoy gardens much more than the old mid val wing. old wing tu sesak sangat kan?

Zuraida said...

oh ikea ada xmas carol ke????? I have not been there yet. heheheh. should go and check it out then.

yeap dieya, MV is a bit congested. Banyak gila orang. Gardens macam lengang sikit. Orang malas kot nak jalan kat sana, sebab banyak kedai mahal.