Sunday, December 5, 2010

Oh its gonna be Monday already???

This weekend was hectic. On Friday I rushed between a mani pedi to make it to Jo and Fahmi's home reception in Ampang...and end up jadi bidan terjun for the wedding. Sudah, sampai mati gambar aku banyak dalam album kawin diorang....hahahahaha...its there for life...muahahahahah!!!!

The mani pedi at KukuBar was a disaster. The quality was poor, and Komala and I was really upset. I end up taking off the nail color as soon as I got back from the mani sebab its freaking hideous.

Seriously, I had wayyyy better nail work done. This is not amatuerish, its freaking middle school'ish!. So anyone who's contemplating to go there, please don't bother. Its such a waste of time.

Attended Fahmi's side wedding yesterday and the food was sublime.

I suke. betul weekend ni. Makan best.

But no worries. I am practicing my tips to surviving the wedding season, went to gym on Friday and Saturday and still religiously disciplined using my "quick fix solution" in which brought me to all smiles again recently when.... waistline went down from 34 inches to 31 inches...and my but size down another inch from 42 inches to 41 inches.


Not bad after all. All in a weeks work.

Lets see what happens in a month. If its good I'll invite all of you to jump on the same band wagon.

See y'all at work tomorrow!!!


Xuriana said...

i am so freakin jealous..
nak kurus jugakkkkk [sambil makan roti telur, hehe]

Zuraida said...

muahahahahahah!!!! boleh2. nanti lepas u bersalin kita work out a plan okeh.