Thursday, December 23, 2010

Oh Penatnya.....

I am finally home.

I am freaking tired.

I still have so many other personal stuff to do, not to mention the bucket list I need to clear before the end of the yeay to me.

Some random thoughts:

1. Hate that the demi curve jeans and bold curve jeans in Malaysia (yet again) fail me. Seriously, normal women is not size 30 and smaller you know, bring in bigger sizes.

2. Need to start working on my contacts list - pre-migration to Iphone. *grin*

3. Hates this dude at Digi center in SS2...berlagak tak hengat I just wish I could smack his head off.

4.Hates the fact that she has to wake up before 8am tomorrow because she has to rush to SS2 and que for her Iphone. Seriously, Digu only sells 20 units per day per shop....blh????


Enough miseries.

5. Had a blast in Kuching. The place was awesome, the food was great and the companion.....priceless. I had tonnes of fun, lots of sun and enjoyed great food introduced by the locals, so all in all this is one of the greatest holidays I had in years. Plus, the dent to my wallet is surprisingly minimal. Can you believe pocket money spent in this holiday is only RM300??? Believe it believe it, and it only totals to so much because I bought a bunch of kek lapis worth RM75.

And of course, I charged the cute MNG top to the card. But that doesn't count.


More Kuching updates to follow.

6. Made great progress on my new business venture. So far it has been a great first week and I have to thank the support of my friends for that. Lets just hope that the momentum keep on far I feel blessed.

7. I have decided that its time to get a boyfriend. Its time to start taking chances and love again. Please potential suitors, man up!

*oh totally unrelated*

8.Did I mention I have tonnes of things to do?

I better shower and that I can wake up early and get no 4 done.

*Oh and go shopping with Shahnaz tomorrow. Wink wink*

Didn't I say I have a lot of things to get done?


Busy bee on holiday, still a busy bee.

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n i e z a said...

I'm loving item #7 on ur list.
We must make 2011 the year of LOOOVE!