Wednesday, December 1, 2010

OMG, My Besties Got Married! - Part 1 - The Akad Nikah

It was a happy day for all of us who knows Jo and Fahmi because frankly speaking...they're so lovable I am glad they finally got hitched! The akad nikah was held in a private ceremony at Dewan Perdana Felda and it was beautiful, I felt so honored to be invited to be a part of it.

That day I am officially the Dulang Girl and as a good and responsible Dulang Girl...I am obliged to take leave just for the special day!

*heheheheh...alasan so that I tak payah masuk kerja. heheheheh*

I meet a lot of familiar faces that day, we are all quite close knit and all very happy to help out with the wedding. That's my best senior ever, Kher Shin aka Kakak, whom I have become very close too since back in my PwC days, who would ever thought we will still be close after...ermm...more than 7 years later???

Us with the bride. Jo had her make-up done by Aleng and dress from Bagutta.She look so beautiful in hijab, which is the first, and I just have to love the dress because the details are exquisitely delicious.Simple, but very classy.

Jo and her Dulang the pics there's only 6, but guess what, she actually has 11 dulang Girls that day who carries her 9 dulangs, one maid of homor, and another back-up in crutches. Boleh?

Me and my dulang. Don't be fooled with smiles ya. Its freaking heavy. I make it work anyhow and plaster a smile. See how cute I was?

Before the ceremony we went down to the mini hall where they'll be having the akad nikah and lit the candles at the dais....

Cantek kan???? I suke!!!!!

And before everyone else sibok tangkap gambar kat sana I pun dah sibuk snap my own piccas dulu......

We gathered at the main door with the hantarans before entering the mini hall. The guys just can't take their hands off our hantarans....

You...stay away ok.

So we later moved to a safer location....

Cantekkan the deco? its meant for another wedding that night tapi kitorang gatal je konon nak ambik berkat....

The akad nikah ceremony was quick and sweet.

We went in with the hantarans.....

Then the groom and the bride went in and have their seats next to the father of the bride and tok kadi....

And they exchanged vows.

I almost cried.


The last time I almost cried was Azlina's wedding.

To Jo and Fahmi, I wish you guys all the best and may you be happy forever after...sampai anak cucu. I can't wait to see mini Jo's and mini Fahmi's in the future!

Me with the bride and groom.

Signing off. Part 2, 3 and 4 to come.

Oh yes, there's 4 parts to this wedding and I am in all of it. *grin*


f.i.e.z.a said...

I always love attending akad nikah n weddings.esp those yg kita rapat.wajib dtg tu hehe sbb dats their special day n terjangkit sama perasaan happy ever after tu kan.can't wait for ur turn n mine too.we definitely deserve the best! *winkies*

Zuraida said...


yes we degfinitely deserve the best!