Friday, December 3, 2010

OMG, My Besties Got Married! - Part 2 - Jo's Reception @ The Eastin Hotel

Jo had her reception last weekend at the Eastin Hotel and as one of her bridesmaids I was in charged as usherer - bunga pahar girl for the night. The night before was crazy as I rushed between Jo's akad nikah ceremony that ends at 6pm to the salon to do my hair and later annual dinner and after party at the KL Hilton which makes me very very tired and cranky on her reception day. Sorry!!!! My bad. Macam aku pulak yang kawin. But i made it on time anyway...despite feeling like a pinball, with bad make-up and hair...shessh.

*But then Jo think I look tak pe la...boleh la*

It was simple, sweet and the food was great. Despite being cranky I was happy because I get to meet a lot of old friends whom I hadn't been able to catch up with for so all is good....

See....bulat semangkuk. Dah la make-up tebal nak mati! Please please please, tolong la gambar I yang keluar kat camera men punya piccas tu tak nampak buruk. Stress aku!

Jo looks so lovely. I love the dress, I love the veil. I love everything!!!!


These are my batchmates from PwC days with their partners and better halves! Oh how everyone had matured.

Izwain and I was on kutip doorgifts duty at the end of the wedding and Faizal was kind enough to help us with the trays to the room.Look at them, kat lift pun sempat cam-whore.


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