Monday, December 13, 2010

Quickie note

I can't sleep and since I refuse to let my sister hog the internet line today, I get to blog in the middle of the night.


Thanks to the 1 and half day MC since last Thursday (due to the ankle injury) I have been catching up on sleep (and a whole load of tv series). Toche doctor!!!! I felt slightly guilty since this week will be my last week working ( before my long break...ooooh can't wait tillFRiday...T minus 4 days to go y'all!!) and rest assure I will be a busy bee this next 4 days clearing shit so no one bugs me during my 2 week break.


Thanks to my lil brother who stick around last weekend, I have my own standy-on-the-clock-masseur that tends to my ankle 3 time a day. He massaged my ankle, changed the bandages while I whine like a 10 year old. Hahahahhaha.....ada jugak orang yang sayang kat aku nih yek. *grin* Thanks to him I am getting much much better today and now walking normally. The doctor is against heavy duty walking for at least a week, but I am already starting to slowly stretch my ankle with light yoga movements, hopefully it'll get better pronto. Tak best la time cuti sakit kaki kan?

Thanks to Dieya, Liza, Shasha and Elyn for your well made my day. Seriously. When you think nobody cares kan, these small gestures sometimes do touch me....


I am really in a good mood lately. Thanks to steroid enhanced meds I've been eating like a pig and sleeping like a sloth. So not good. I am scared for my myself...I dare not get close to any weighting machine or measuring tape.


Anyhow.....dah sakit, why bother kan??

*grin....alasan....thats all the sugar talking*

Okay. Better try to go to bed now. We don't want to miss work do we??

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