Friday, December 3, 2010

Random thoughts....

1. Its closing time so kinda busy with work at the office. Its always the case during the first week of the month. I need to wrap up fast today because I just can't stay late, Komala and I have an appointment at Kukubar at 6pm to do our nails and we were threatened that if we are late they won't do it for us because they don't want to stay late. Boleh? Kena threaten ngan manicurist. Seb baik aku nak pakai voucher, kalau tak dah lama I ajak Komala pergi nail salon lain.

2. This past few days my appetite has been running low. Takde la rasa macam nak makan banyak sangat, so Ika and I had quickie lunches at Sbread and Warung at Mid Valley. I took piccas via my handphone but then tak boleh load pulak. demmit demmit, camano nak buat review ni? kena beli hp baru dulu ke??? Sheesh.

Semua pun mau pakai duit.

3. Akibat gigih telah kugagahkan diri ke gym hari ni, despite closing of accounts. After my quiskie lunch I went straight to the gym and spent a good 40 minutes on the strider, satsfied that I again manage to burn 450 calories in below an hour. Next time should push myself more.....baru boleh beli kasut sukan idaman itu....

*seperti di sini ya rakan di sini utk kasut sukan idaman*

4. My sister managed top download 8 episodes of Lie To Me's new season. Oh gumbira gumbira. Nanti cuti boleh go on tv series marathon.

*says the ultimate couch potato. hahahahah. apa jadi with the "exercise conditioning" plan?*

5. I have finally decided on where to spend my holidays. *grin, clap clap*. Gaji masuk awal bulan ni, so as soon as pay is in nanti boleh grab the tix and just go *gain clap clap*. In dire need of a holiday, hopefully the rates won't go up too much by that time.

*grin....kalau rate naik pun tukar hotel je la kan? heheheh*

6. Will be busy on weddings, wedding and more weddings this weekend and the next. At the same time kena watch my weight. Can it go hand in hand? Mampukah?

Got to get back to work.

Have a good weekend y'all, I know I would!

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