Wednesday, December 1, 2010

The vain vain me.....

I am guilty of being vain because recently, I jumped into the band-wagon filled with other vainees (ehmm....sound correct?) and bought an inner that works as a quick fixer upper. I can't say I enjoy wearing it evry much but at least is comfortable, and I am now at day 3 and still not bored with I suppose its gonna be fine for a while.

What??? What am I talking about???

Hmmm....let me try this for a bit (lets say a month or two) and if my quick fix can work wonders as it claims, rest assure you guys will now about it.


So far I lost 3 inches immediately once I put it one, but hey, once its off the 3 inches came back. Hahahaha. So no miracles yet at day 3. Lets all wait for day 30.

I still haven't given up on dieting and exercise because I am a true believer that you need to work hard to shed the kilos off your body. I've done it once and I'll do it again. So yes, I have been visiting the gym more frequently lately and started running a 3km @ 30 minutes run 3 times a week (starting last week) and hopefully I can keep the momentum up sebab knowing me I'll get bored again after a while and start drifting from my exercise regime.

Oh I am watching Natrah tonight. Something to look forward to aite??



zie said...

U bought it? Yeay!!!

Zuraida said...

oh yes. lets cross our fingers, wait and see.