Monday, December 20, 2010

Year End Holiday - Kuching Here I am!

Buzzing from KCH y'all!!


I wanted to update more and show of more pics as I laze by the beach and have a coconut by my side but then my wireless went gila and the connection is poor...almaklumla, dok sebelah bukit, tengah-tengah lagun and mengadap go the pics will just have to wait for much much later.


So far I have been enjoying my first day here. Thanks to Fieza and Nieza I have my own personal tour guide and friends to spend my holidays with, bring me around a place so totally alien to me and introduced me to the best food in KCH town (oh mee kolok tu nyaman betul!!!! ahahahaah! and TopSpot.....oh new favvie!). The sea is amazingly beautiful and the resort is all that I imagined it would be, so I am totally blissed out.

Before time runs out I'm gonna go enjoy the sun for a bit.


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