Saturday, December 31, 2011

Counting minutes to start 2012 and so people...have you tick off all your resolutions yet???

I have been running around all day checking off minor "to-do"s before we hit 1st Jan tomorrow...and it was super tiring. But then looking back I feel blessed because 2011 is a good year - I grabbed good opportunies, made great friends and finally taken the leaf to pursue greater things - all that made possible this year.

Hopefully next year will be another great year, better than this.

I wish to ramble more but I am really tired (and its so not old age!) so I am hitting the sack early so I can say "cheerios!!!" on a very sunny Sunday morning.

So have a Happy New Year everyone!

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

So how have you been love???

Its been a whirlwind of everything....sometimes I feel like I am grasping for air and out of breath. Perhaps because I am not as fit as I use to be (sad, but very true) and I was so eager to do a lot of things at the same time (or worrying about getting the things done most of the time) that I fail to stop and smell the roses.

And simply breathe.

I should do something before I burn out. I love where I am now. I should make it good while I am at it.

Despite all the worries, piling work, lack of sleep and trying very hard to maintain a normal life....I think I don't look that bad after all...

....who would have guessed I actually had insomnia for the last 4 months and felt like shouting every day for 2 weeks in a month?

I look pretty good indeed.

Yet again it'll be the end of another year soon, hopefully a great one, and its time to look forward to a better year ahead.

More new resolutions.

New goals to achieve.

New things to look forward to.

Hopefully I will have time to share more.

Till then, its almost the end of December so it means that the clock is ticking down on our time to be merry merry merry. And so before I miss the chance....

Have a great holidays everyone and a very merry christmas! If you have gifts for me I'll pass you on an address so feel free to post it over!

Monday, November 21, 2011

Huge thums up for Badai Semalam!

Can you believe it that I simply buy the tix on impulse and walk into the theater hall immediately as I purchased them at the boxoffice?

Yeah. It happened. So not me la kan nak pergi tengok theater sorang sorang but then since I can't find anyone else who's willing to go with me and I am already in KL on training last Tuesday, I simply bugger off and went for the show.

And guess what?

It was so fun I didn't even regret it a bit.

The story line was simple. Poor servant girl had to sacrifice her dreams to care for an ailing mom and fell in love with a rich guy - yet still didn't let go of her virtues and moral and dreams and stood by it to the end.

I was quite surprised with the cast line up - it was filled with A-List stars like Nanu, Umie Aida, Ziela Jalil and Jasmin Hamid apart from the already famous leading actor Era Fazira, Aaron Aziz and Fizz Fairuz.And the costumes and set were fabulous, in a way I was more satisfied watching Badai Semalam as compared to Secret Life of Nora.

I really had fun during the dance routines.... Era Fazira twirls in blue high school uniform......

......and Jasmin Hamid wooed Aaron Aziz with a lap dance before they boogied on stage.....

 I have to say the simple story line became not so simple and quite interesting.Although they could have made the storyline better but all in all its a very good attemp and production.

Standing ovation for cast and crew. I am definitely looking forward to the next show thanks to you guys. Too bad my battery ran a bit too low after the show so I missed a clear shot on this....

Far right hand side people.....Aaron Aziz waving!


Monday, November 7, 2011

Selamat Hari Raya Eid Adha 2011!!!

I am a day late but then better late than never aite? Happy Eid-Adha everyone!Hope everyone had a great day - whats not to be happy about - there's good food, relatives etc - I know I had a great day. As usual, we spent the day at our grandparents at Kuala Pilah, this year there were 2 cows sacrificed for the big day.

We were at the surau as soon as we had breakfast and look at the kids all focused and coo'ed at the phone the whole morning. Cute kan?

It was very rare to publish piccas at the surau on raya mornings, here's a few from today...

And there you go. Nothing much to look at, unless you want pictures of the slaughtered cow.

Ani and I went off early at noon so we can bring down the kek batik I made the night before...

Gila poyo kan....berusaha sedaya upaya bukak pintu, padahal kunci kat tangan dia....


I have to say a huge thanks to Fieza Zaza for the kek batik recipe. It was easy peasy and yes, it taste awesome.

I know Ani had a zen moment having them.

I told you my day is a good one.

Sorry have to keep this short. Need to snooze soon so I can catch up with yoga in the am. Till then!

Friday, November 4, 2011

Guess many yoga poses can you capture in a day???

My cousin and I took a short road trip to Ipoh today - to the Lost World of Tambun to be exact - and apart from enjoying the park like everyone else, we both had fallen into snapping pics in yoga poses all dau long. Grin. Selama ni aku la paling penakut kan sebab despite being quite flexible, I am definitely scared that I might look horrible in a pose but what do you ain't that bad at all.....

Seriously....tak tipu.

Of course we tried the beginner level poses la kan, tade la tetiba nak buat crow pose ke, scorpion ke, headstand ke.....mati la kan ko kat public places buat those impossible moves, memang saje cari attention la kan.

I bet NIna would be excited when she sees these are my top pics from today's yoga posing journey....


Not that bad kan? After 3 days of practice during my holidays.....


Imagine what I can do if I practice every day for the next 12 months?

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Kanta na tayo!!! (Mari menyanyi!!)

Tak de kerja (sebab cuti) and tak tau nak pergi mana (sebab people keep on cancelling on me) so I end up with my own impromtu R&R activities its high tea, yoga, gym, movies and now......singing!!! *grin* After my session at Upward yesterday I realised that I have been truly neglecting myself, I am seriously stressed to a point that all my muscles are super stiff macam kayu...nak bend masa warm up pun boleh rasa my hamstring macam wayar gitar kena tarik.


Upward is located at Saujana nearby Ara Damansara, I was almost lost when I was on the way there and hampir panic because there's a "must-be-in-class-within-10-minutes-before-the-class-starts" rule...kalau tak kena kunci, and I got only 3 minutes left, imagine the relief when I found this sign....

*gambar ihsan google. takkan aku tengah rushing tu nak sibuk tangkap gambar kan*

The 75 minutes Bend, Stretch, Heal session did well on me, though I was in pain for the 75 minutes (light) bending exercise, I finally got a good night's rest that I haven't had for ages. Gone were the tossing and turning to go to bed moments I have for the past several months. Tido macam orang tak tido setahun.


When I woke up today the birds were singing. Cheewah!!! So since its cheap to go to RB at noon anyway so here I am blasting my singing cords.


Going through the song list I felt that my playlist seems a bit (ye ke?) outdated. Perhaps its time to get new tunes and update them to the Iphone and start listening to them when I am at work. Hari ni macam kena belajar banyak lagu baru (demmit) tapi takpe.....since I have no one to fight the mic with I can take my own sweet time.


Let me bust my stress away. Till then!

Monday, October 31, 2011

The Big Bad Wolf Book Sale 2011 - Where Books are Dirt Cheap!

This post was long due tapi nak post jugak sebab I was still very much excited with my cheap loot from the sale. I have to say that was money well spent there that day.....I regretted not bringing my trolley bag...kalau tak I could have bought more!


Anyways, it wasn't my idea to go there in the first place. I always have this mindset that warehouse book sale is gonna be too crowded, too hot, too many people it'll drive me mad so most times I stay quite far away from it. Yeah, rugi...I know. Akan tetapi...that has changed! Muahahahah! Next BBW book sale I'd raid that place like a junkie okay, lantak la what people will think. I'll even bring my own pulley!!!

It was all Geng Ying's idea, and I made her drive since I claimed that she's dragging me! Hahahah! Its like all the way in Serdang okay, dekat MAEPS....jauh nak mati! But she's so obliging, she drove us all the way while I nag her about not getting a map and we might get lost.

Almost lost! Gilo. Non of us knew the way,dua dua suk-suka hati pakai tembak tembak je. Thank God we manage to find a signboard that shows MAEPS and soon after a bunch of cars thats heading to (what seem to be) the same direction....

When we got there the que was fairly short....nevertheless, there is a que. I have to say the crowd control and security was amazing, so the hallways was not super pack with people stepping on to each other. I (for the first time) was impressed! Never in my life I found such organised crowd control on any type of warehouse sale held locally.

Before masuk sempat snap piccas kat depan pintu....macam budak kecik okay!!!! I think Geng Ying was about to leave me there and then when I shouted at her and insisted that she snap a pic of  me there!

Because seriously....she's kinda camera shy.

Yeah right!

Apart from crowd control they have strict rules on F&B in the warehouse.....

It's the first time I have ever been to a book sale, I suppose it's pretty obvious. Kalau tak tumpah makanan sana sini buruk la semua buku kan?

Rule no 1 when you go to a book sale.....bring a huge bag!!!! Otherwise, improvise by getting a huge box.

Of course, carrying a box will be pretty heavy and fussy. Its way easier to bring a trolley bag, a pulley or even the supermarket mini trolley (you know, the blue ones that all the aunties bring to the wet market???). Oh the supermarket trolley is sangat usefull okay..... I met this auntie who can fit almost 50 novels in it, and she still have space for more.


I on the other hand sebab bijak pandai tak bawak bag sendiri terpaksa la bawak kotak satu!

*jeles lagi dengan auntie yang ada trolley supermarket tu*

I went in the am so the crowd was pretty fair....

But look at all those books!!!! At first when I first heard that each book sells within the range of RM8 to RM10 per piece I said "No way! I am just gonna go there to check if its true" and gosh it was selling for RM8 to RM10 per piece so imagine how crazy I went when I see all these...

Rugi tak beli wooooo!!!!

I bought a loot of my own. I only stopped because my box was full and it aches to drag the box around. I malas nak use the check in facility just in case I took too much and forgot the loot that I have checked in. To edged dagger that check in facility okay!!!! Nanti terbeli lebih pun tak sedar. Check in banyak banyak!!!! Nanti kumpul je kat payment kaunter!


By the time I went out it was 1pm, I had 3 travel books, 1 cooking book (oh Jamie Oliver!), a diet book and 4 novels - all for a mere RM98.


Look at the que when I got out!

You wish you came earlier kan?

While waiting for Geng Ying I grabbed a pizza....

Hahahaha! First time jumpa a massive pizza hut truck.! Teruja kejap!

We later grabbed cuppies at Bijou @ BV to end a sweet day!

For those who missed the sale, they are having an aftermath sale on the 24th to 28th of November at South City Plaza. *love*. So I see you there?