Monday, January 31, 2011

Things to be grateful for today....

1. Woke up feeling uber great, despite lack of sleep because I keep on waking up every hour. Oh work related stress is so not funny.

2. Step in the office 20 minutes early because last night I set my watch to 20 minutes in advance...ngehngehngeh. What to do? Otherwise I will be forever and ever late, not good. Especially when today I have a deadline at 9am. Okay, its long overdue but then I put a deadline on myself and decided to make it no matter what. :P

3. Manage to meet the 9 am deadline and now my biggest draft account is out of my tray!!! Hip hip hooray!!!! Gila okay buat benda tu, all the sleepless nights sebab memanjang je kerisauan its taking a massive toll. Tak percaya??? Lets sum up the total purchases over the past 3 weeks...

(a) I invested in a motherload of concealers and eye creams I could never have imagined. In my lifetime I have never thought I would ever have bought so much eye product! I bought Olay's Eye Cream in december when i first spotted the signs of eye problems, Stay from Benefit to prime my eyes and Laura Mercier's Super Secret Concealer (oh my current favvy....pakai sikit je zap zap dark circle semua hilang!!!). Coming from a person who NEVER bothers about my dark circles, total eye product purchases so far tops total cost of concealers and eye creams combined over the past 3 years.

*okayla, ni tak kira the La Mer's eye cream my ex use to get me. But then I don't like the texture. :P . Olay's gel texture is more preferable sebab it absorbs immediately and non-greasy, senang nak pakai make-up.

(b) Another motherload of mineral powder foundation, face primers and tinted moisturisers.

Okay, I have to admit that I look extremely bad under pressure. So I made a point to have only ONE new year resolution - that is to make an attempt to look good. So apart from my PB that keeps me slim, a yo-yo diet I am working on and a new wardrobe to boot, I started putting on make-up on a daily basis. These days by 10am kalau tak pakai make-up I started feeling naked. Is that a good thing? Perhaps, perhaps not. But then bila I sendiri dah sakit mata tengok muka sendiri I think I am actually doing everyone a favor by putting on make-up.

With that comes more powder foundation, face primers and tinted moisturisers.

Tinted moisturisers to maintain the light, natural look so that I don't look overdone. I hate looking masky and OTT, macam ada event ke apa la kan pepagi buta ni. Or masuk ofis muka sememeh then tetiba at 10 am keluar toilet muka macam baru keluar magazine. So tinted mositurisers is my best option to even out my uneven skin tone. Then later I top it off with my Laura Mercier's mineral face powder.

Voila! Complete!

For the first time ever I run out on mineral powder in 3 months. Last weekend I dragged Shahnaz to Laura Mercier's counter to get more.

OMG...rabak poket kejap.

(c) Stress punya pasal I got myself 3 lippie pots and an eyeliner pencil from Top Shop, one fiberlash mascara and a mineral powder from Body Shop and Dr Sebagh's 3-in-1 cleanser to boot all the make-up at the end of a long day.

Total cash burnt ; eergh. kalau nak tau sila la pergi beli sendiri. Sigh. Itu baru make-up. Sigh.

Get what I mean? I have to channel all this energy somewhere else....sigh...bila la kaki aku nak baik ni???? Nak pergi yoga balik, jimat duit!

4. Tarik nafas lega since yesterday after seeing a pic Tina showed me. Oh I am blessed.

5. Had a blast over the weekend at Zu Lyn's baby shower, shopping with Shahnaz @ The Empire Subang and lepak with my gal pals. Gumbira gumbira.

6. Got my hair done!!!!! After lunch with Tina yesterday I dropped by the salon at her neighbourhood and got it treated with yummilicious 5 step treatment that cost me only RM80! Oh I LOVE! Sekarang my hair smells like a fruit basket, and its all shiny and nice.

7. One more hurdle to go and once I got it done I can buat bolayan like everyone else and go on holidays!!! Lantak la kan ofis nak tonggang terbalik pon....hehehehe. Kalau semua settle esok boleh pg melawat Tina kat hospital and see her new baby M. Yeay!

Panjangnye....okay la. got to get back to work.

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Life's Good When You Have Great Friends Around You

Oh my, sudah lama tak jumpa mereka. That pic was from a couple of years back, somehow along the way I get so absorbed with me, me and me that I forget to reconnect with my friends.

A couple of days back I called Izwain and ask whether we can all hang out and got a slapped on the face...

"Itulah...lain kali call le selalu"

....or somewhere along the line.

Coz if we don't make the effort to keep in touch all of us will just drift away.


Anyways I pushed myself out of my cocoon an hung out with them yesterday.

(okay, era takde sebab dia bz).

I had fun.


And somehow they make everything bad go away.

Moral of the story : Keep your friends very very very close.

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

The music is currently playing....

Jiwa masih kacau. Lagi-lagi la bila Ipod asyik main lagu jiwang-jiwang je. Kenapa takde lagu lain ke? Nope, semalam baru download album Adrenalin Faizal asyik pusing-pusing lagu Hanyut and Bencinta.....OMG, boleh jatuh cinta, langgar tembok dan jatuh cinta balik and gosh it hurts....

Ingatkah lagi waktu kau bersama ku
Kaku aku melihat mu
Lidah kelu sedangkan aku
Mahu kau tahu
Aku cinta pada mu
Benci pada mu
Cinta pada mu

Ke tepi lihat ku berlalu
Pasti itu yang terbaik untuk ku
Tiada lagi mahu ku tahu
Tentang hidup kamu
Tentang mati kamu
Aku tahu
Engkau tahu apa yang mata ku tahu
Apa yang kau tunggu
Mahu aku buka pintu?

*Lirik Bencinta*


Sekali in between dengar FT kata .....

Maafkanlah ku tak bisa hidup tanpa kamu
Bagaimana ku nanti
Bila tiada mengganti
Yang ku ada hanya kamu saja

Bagaimana ku nanti
Bila kau tak di sisi
Yang ku ada hanya kamu saja

*Lirik Hanyut*


Yeah. memang kacau. Talk about crap la kan.


Monday, January 24, 2011

On a roller coaster ride I can't believe that I am on....

First thing first - I hate roller coasters. But from time to time I do summon the courage to drag myself into one and simply sink in the thrill of the ride - just so that I won't miss the fun and get to experience the zest it brings.

The adrenaline rush is exhilarating, but then I have major issues with fear of heights and speed and so I hated each fall and turn and slide.....but yet from time to time again I'm back on another one just (again) for the fun again.

Its a love-hate thing. I simply can't explain myself.

Over the past few weeks I have been on another one of the so-called roller coaster (not the physically huge one you see in Disneyland, but literally the same because it gives me the same love-hate feeling) and gosh I don't know what I was thinking.

At first it was just out of fun and boredome.

But then when does a girl ever learn that when you mix both of that it can kill the cat too?


It sucks when you are so in-control yet feels out of control.

Exactly like when you are on a roller coaster.


I try not to think about it too much and enjoy the ride. Occasionally scream when I fall but then I'll remind myself its just a ride. Everything will be okay.

Hopefully I will still be in one piece at the end of it all.

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

A small note

Thank you for the butterflies that flew over my window. It made my day.

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Oh Dapat Beg Baru!

I went through the post I have published over the last few days and OMG, semua pasal PB, so lets take a break and share my latest craze (apart from PB of course...)...

Last weekend I berpoco-poco in 3 inch blood red high heels....

Seriously, I didn't expect to ber"poco-poco"an because I never even tried it before but then it was fun!

But then my legs were killing me.

Still, the main thing was I had fun.

Next....I just got the new bag I purchased from BagsKaki from their latest Best Offer Sale Promotion happening now....

It falls just nicely on my (now getting more lighter and smaller) body.

Just got the love the soft leather.

Tarik nafas dalam-dalam.

Just now I had McD's Oreo Berries and omg, nak pengsan rasanya. Sedap nak mati.


Okayla, nak sambung kerja balik.

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Menjawab Soalan - Mampukah Bisnes PB membawa Untung??

It has been a busy week, with work and my side business and all and alhamdulillah with the motivation from friends and my business partners I am feeling more hyped than ever! I have to admit that there are challenges in doing what I do now, nak jual barang bukan senang tapi duit mana datang senang senang kan? Mesti la kena kerja baru dapat hasil!

So I take the challenges, criticism , rejection and whatnot as part of my learning curve. Macam buat homework add maths masa form 5 dulu la, sebelum dapat jawapan betul I banyak kali buat salah. But then I learn from my mistakes and with a lil bit of patience, I manage to get through it during SPM and look at me now....

....dah try nak buat bisnes. Kalau cikgu tau mesti bangga. *grin*.

Anyways, this post is published untuk menjawab soalan Cik/Encik Kerja Sambilan towards my post "The PB business 0 mampukah membawa untung???"

Sebenarnya masa mula mula dulu I wondered about it as well. Then time time tengah search around tu (even till now pun ada) banyak la orang bagi feedback - both the negatives and the positives. But after a month into the business I realised that there is so much more opportunity in this business than I have ever imagined because....

1. The business opens opportunities for you to sell premium products and reap its benefits!

The business is recognised both locally and internationally, tak percaya google saja you will get information how its awarded by Forbes 4 years in a row and how its so successfull, its listed in Bursa and had produced top-notched local entreprenuers.

The opportunities is endless because sebagai agen, anda bukan sahaja boleh menjual its main product....

Premium Beautiful Corsette - Slimming corsette terulung di Malaysia

Bio Aura - Water Filter Berkualiti Tinggi

Tetapi juga banyak lagi produk sampingan seperti Lactolite (slimming product).....

.....Biozone (penyahbau kereta - air ioniser) , pelbagai bentuk supplemen (Pil Herba Maharani etc) dan banyak lagi produk-produk berkualiti tinggi di bawah payung Hai-O.

The possibility is endless.

And sebagai businessman/businesswoman, this diversifies your portofolio.

2. A Rewarding Compensation Plan

Have you heard of our business and marketing plan before?

Kalau belum jangan sibuk nak judge. Sebelum judge sila book appointment dengan saya (ehem ehem), dengar dulu business plan, tanya soalan- soalan cepuplatinum anda.....dan bila dah berdiskusi baru judge.

Because shutting it down immediately is a loss of opportunity.

Take it from me. I heard about it sometime around June last year. Sumpah sebab dengar all this negativities I shut down and menyepi. Tapi selepas melihat bukti sebenar depan mata and understood that "IT IS NOT IMPOSSIBLE!!!", then I masuk jugak last December. Dalam hati kus semanagt berdebar-debar tahap dewa ketakutan.

Akan tetapi.....lepas 10hb Januari yang lalu masa dapat bonus pertama....aku sudah tidak takut lagi. Selepas attend class Rabu I finally understood;

- There is no shortcut to success. You want to succeed you work for it!

- The motivation to succeed is rewarding sebab, not only that income boleh naik dari 4 digit ke 5 digit ke 6 digit - 7 digit pun boleh. Yang penting usaha. Kalau ko dok tido je kat umah tak kisah la berapa ramai orang pun bawah will go no where!!!!

Kalau aku tau la...dari Jun lepas aku dah start...dah dapat save pertengahan 5 angka.....

Ini juga tidak mustahil....

Car Fund! Boleh beli Ferrari!!! Kalau mahu la. Saya hanya mahu Honda CRV satu. So usaha ke situ.....

Travel the world!

Part of the compensation plan is overseas trip with VVIP treatment (fully sponsored yo!~). Tapi ini tidak datang mudah okay, kalau mahu qualify for the trip harus kerja keras achieve target sale.....tapi from the stories I've heard dari CDM and DDM's masa kelas, the return sangat sangat berbaloi so next to eye on the prize.....


Mana tau kalau ada rezeki kan? Mari kita usaha sehabis baik, if Allah's will then hopefully sampai la ke sana....

Kalau tak qualify kali ni takpe....masih ada lagi trip trip sebegini in the future. So if we don't succeed, we try and try again!!!

3. Guidance from Pemimpin-pemimpin yang Berkaliber!!!

*photo credit from*

Macam mana nak buat bisnes sorang sorang without help and guidance? Pertama sekali we must accept the fact that at day 1 when we started the business, kita semua masih kacang puteh yang cetek ilmu dan perlukan bantuan. Even bila kita dah kaya raya dan berjaya pun kita akan memerlukan bantuan. I think the biggest bonus of being in the business is that you have the support and guidance dari pemimpin-pemimpin yang tak lokek ilmu dan sanggup berkongsi pengalaman dan turun padang menjayakan bisnes kita. Over the past few weeks I have observed how CDM Hanis and her team (dalam gambar di atas) did her work and I have to say its inspiring and mengujakan....


Kerana mereka saling bantu mebantu. Bukan spoonfeed kita, tapi sanggup berkongsi ilmu selagi kita mahu belajar dan sanggup memperbaiki diri.

Bukan itu shaja, they instill a great work ethics among their agents through weekly classes. And this work ethics I see in my business partner, Ika, yang juga tak lokek ilmu dan rajin membantu. And it also inspire me to do the same because now I believe that to be successful, you don't have to step on others to climb the ladder.You boleh naik dengan membantu orang lain juga.

Okay, actually banyak reason lagi tapi tak payah cakap banyak la.....

Nak tau lebih lanjut (ke excited nak tengok statement ke....) boleh la book appopintment....


That time nak cerita panjang lebar lagi mudah!!! Its a great opportunity to consider, so why not luangkan sedikit masa? What's the worse that could happen?

Usaha tangga jaya. Kalau tak cuba tak tau kan?

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Just Got to Love Best Offers Sale....

I feel a lil bit beat down and tired due to work related stress...and I switched on my lappy today and started browsing I found this...

*BagsKaki best offer sale - click image to go straight to the site*

Tetiba je bersemangat...muahahahahah!!!!!(Bab shopping shopping nih bersemangat saje!!!Abis lepas ni semua site aku singgah!!!). BagsKaki is clearing its winter stock and gosh the Cole Haan and Coach bags from last December is up for best offer!!!


I have been on and off in contact with Pauline the site manager because I love the Gin & Jacqie bags in her site. *grin* . So I emailed her with my offer and guess what....

Say hello to my new baby!!!

Thanks Pauline! I know I'm going to love this! Muah muah muah!!

Checkout Bagskaki for their Best Offer Sale! Who knows, you might find a great bargain like me!

Living the beautiful life! (Sticky mode...scroll for more post!)

The cat is out of the bag already for quite some time...ho yeah, in my desperate vain attempt to look good I succummed to consumerism but then this is one purchase I will never regret because so far, it gives me results beyond my expectation that I just have to share it with everyone!!!

Firstly, let me first tell that I was a non-believer. Being a gym enthusiast over the years (though I fail to be consistent, I never really hates exercise), I have to admit I was sceptical. I am a firm believer that you must feel pain to look good , because over the years I slim up and tone my body only with a minimum of 4 months continuous gym time. But of course, my love for food and work commitments were always on the way, held me back from gym most of the time, so I end up on a yo-yo circle of thin-fat-thin again- fat again me.

So when I saw Ika shaping up within weeks I just have to give it a try.

But then again now, when I come to think about it, I am grateful. In fact, I am excited over my progress because I turn from this hottie.....

Oh we've seen this picture alright (on my debut PB entry). I am no longer shy to admit that I feel extremely cranky and bloated that night and shows in my pics....



In 6 weeks, even without dieting and gym time (because I am still recovering from my ankle injury...oh my yoga class yesterday was a pain since I haven't been to one for over a month now), I manage to shed 3 inches of on my hips and another 3 inches on my waist.

Tak percaya?

Wait up for my next entry...I'll size me up, snap a pic and show you results!

Its no secret that I have been using the Premium Beautiful corset daily....


Premium Beautiful corsets are the new age corset with far infra-red technology that helps to promote wellness, weight loss and body toning. The far infra red technoly (FIR) embedded in the fabric helps to improve blood circulation as well as burn excess fat even without strenuous exercise.

The set comprise of a long girdle, long bra and the waist nipper.

Lets just skip all the schbangs and formality and talk about how it works for me.

I know it works because;

1. I don't feel constipated anymore. I use to have problems relieving my bowels and end up feeling bloated. These days I do my business at least once a day, and all went out through the rear end. When I say all, I mean ALL.

2.I burp all my air out! No airy feeling stuck at the back or at the stomach.

3.I feel a slight heat at my tummy area whenever I'm wearing. Its not hot or anything, its simply warm. By 6 weeks I lose 3 inches. Thats results enough.

4. I manage to stop eating when I am full. The corset held my stomach tight to a point that it signals me when its too full. If I still push food forward after that point, god please help me and bring the bin over. Seriously, since there's limited space in the stomach to fill, I feel less hungry most of the time and thus eat less. Contributes to weight loss. I haven't timbang yet, but then I know I lose weight coz I feel lighter.

5. With the waist nipper holding my back straight I sit and walk with better posture, thus, no more hunching, a leaner look ( because you pull your spine up!) and reduced back pain. Hopefully the back pain bit will be gone in time.

I know I am definitely smaller (than before) because;

6. People compliments. Oh how it shapes!!!! I tell you I have curves everywhere!!!!!! Perut pun mantap! Serious perut tebal haritu dah mula hilang!

7. This I like best! When I was always between size 14 to 16 before (thats between L to XL ya, because of the recent weight gain...demmit demmit!!! makan lagi kek itu!!!!)....check out the latest size I can fit in last Thursday....

ZARA size M yo!!!!!

Tell me, how could I not love it???PB is making it happen for can make it happen for you!!!

Meet me to share the love!!!! If you're interested in PB I can help hook you up!!!! Better still, grab the chance to get PB at lower price with its latest discounts and rebates!!!!!

Just call/sms/chat/FB me! You know my digits!


P/s : If you're from Kuching and you need a guide for PB, you can call my business partner Fieza! Simply ring her and she'll be happy to meet up and tell more about PB and her PB experience. She'll even size u up for your own PB set if you want one!


Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Apa ke halnya ni badan ko tetiba makin ramping nih?

During lunch....

"Zue, apasal aku tengok pinggang ko kecik je sekarang ni? Ko pakai corsette ke?"

I flash a sheepish grin.

"Kitorang dah lama perasan pinggang ko makin kecik tapi macam mustahil la pulak minggu ni macam kecik gile".

*Apa mustahil? when I first started with PB, pinggang I 34 inches. Okay, memalukan. Sekarang ni tanpa PB pun, pinggang dah jadi 31 inches....with PB dia 29 inches. Sebab I suke je tarik tali waist nipper tu biar ketat and belakang memang tidak mustahil!*

Sebab yang bagi remark tu kaum Adam, saya hanya menjawab...

"Nak tau mustahil tak mustahil meh sini I bagi bini you try, confirm lepas 2 minggu ko puas hati punya!"


Lately I have been getting remarks about my curves....I have to say at times I sendiri terkejut that the changes in me is so noticeable. Ye lah, I have to admit I baru je pakai about 5 to 6 weeks. Nak kata diet kaw-kaw pun tak jugak, but then I can say I am quite happy with the curves on my body....

*badan yang dulu agak montok kini mempunyai curve no. 8! that's me before my yoga class last week....PB off ya people. Ada shape kan? makin kecik kan? Sikit lagi sikit lagi.....kalau ada PB semuanya tersusun baik punya*

Jangan takut. Ini bukan ad-related testimonial okay. Tak guna la I nak tipu-tipu ni. Nak tau boleh call me and we can meet up in person, nak tengok I dengan PB on pun boleh, PB off pun boleh (ini untukl wanita sahaja okay. guys, don't get the wrong idea!). Yang pasti dengan penggunaan yang konsisten, bentuk badan akan melentur ke ideal body shape over time.

Konsep dia sama macam konsep cincin. A ring holds the body like a frame, so expect to not over eat or ada lelemak melimpah sebab seriously, it holds every single inch in place.Kalau nak test boleh. Call me, we'll work wonders.

Another example is of my business partner, Fieza, from Kuching.

Fieza yang pakai baju biru at the far left tu. I went to see her in Kuching last December for my year end holidays and macam sambil menyelam minum air la kan, dia pun try la PB yang I brought with me to Kuching for her to try.3 days after she started wearing PB she sent me an MMS from Kuching.....

*In Seed Size L - just 3 days after wearing PB - after so long keluar statement " tak payah la masuk Seed, mesti tak muat"*

Impressive aite? Even before losing a single kilo, you can see a lot of difference.

Recently I fitted another customer with PB and I have to admit this customer tak de masalah kegemukan serius. Akan tetapi, I can't help but smile when I see this curve....

*Ho yeah, again lucky no.8 - mission accomplished*

Kalau badan cantek semua baju nampak cantek kan?

Ko tunggu la lagi 6 bulan. Prepare to see me turn to this super hottie.....

Okay okay, I know a bit too much. Tapi its not wrong to dream and aspire la kan?

Interested to know more about PB you can call me or my business partners for more information:



(based in Kuching!)

019-373 5042

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

OMG, My Besties Got Married! - Part 3 - Flashback to Jo and Fahmi's engagement day!

My "OMG, My Besties Got married" series is only written halfway, coz I have yet to show of pics from their home reception and Fahmi side reception (because I was freaking busy!) but as I flipped through FB today I saw photos of me tagged to the engagement pics from exactly a year ago and I can't help but download and blog about it because....

...I was so excited that I actually look good in the pics!


Okayla, maybe diri ni tak secantek mana. But look at my hair-do and was freaking awesome. The honey hues look great in pics and i suddenly realise I miss my long hair....

Radiant kan? I should thank Mi from Peek-A-Boo (a lot!) for the color, sebab seriously I ni buta fesyen sket, so all my hair style and haircolor over the last 5 year have been fully entrusted to the hands of my long time friend and stylist. I would never trust anyone else more than her sebab over the years I think she get to know me and likes and whatnot very very well, she manage to make me pull off even the freakiest haircut and color and still look good.

(Remember my boycut era???Now the gaga fringe???get it get it???)

Anyhow check out the shine.....

Oh bagaikan aku pakai hair treatment tiap-tiap hari okay.

Gosh I miss that color.

See that firl with the curls sitting next to me? oh her curls are lovely and to die for. It suits her really really well and made her look uber sexy, that time macam the whole night I was envious over her hairdo. But then looking back at this pic somehow I don't feel so bad, OMG my color was awesome.

Hahahahaha...perasan sendiri. Okay, color rambut baru ala dark ash blonde on me now is also freaking awesome.

Okay enough about me....

Jo have 9 dulang girls that night...all very very close friends and relatives as the whole affair is small and intimate. You just got to love how everyone looks in the piccas. Rahman (the photog, hmmm, Fahmi do I get his name right?) really snap nice pics.


Somehow I looked thin too...


Must be the hair.

I tell you dulang tu semua berat-berat okay,plus, I was assigned to the cake yang add about another kg or so to a point that masa the actual nikah day a year later I went....

"Please don't put me on cake dulang duty again!"

hahahah! Dulang girl tetiba demand.

Seb baik that time dulang girl rotation was changed and kebetulan my height doesn't render me to the cake assignment.


And there you two besties!


The PB business - mampukah membawa untung????

Itu million dollar question - boleh ke buat duit buat bisnes Premium Beautiful (PB) ni?


Kalau nak tahu boleh buat duit ke tak, lets sit down and talk about it. I am hunting for business partners to do the PB business with me and berharap that hopefully, I can grow it. Tak semestinya mesti untung cepat, to me cukupla kalau dapat buat extra income and dapat tambahkan savings (yang OMG kalau tengok sangat la menyedihkan...almaklum la, my travelling and shopping habits are...hmmm.....uncontrollable) so I am doing this so I dapat mengembangkan sedikit modal untuk simpanan hari tua.

So far hasilnya adalah sangat memberangsangkan!


Hari ni bonus pertama masuk. Alhamdullillah, at least the cost of the PB atas badan ni dah balik modal. Dalam hati sangat bersyukur sebab masa mula-mula tu modal ada ciput je, so buat jugak sikit-sikit sebab dalam kepala kalau dapat extra beberapa ratus pun kira okla....sape nak bagi duit extra kan? Kalau kerja makan gaji kita dapat apa yang kita dapat je lah,so kalau nak buat duit lebih kena usaha tempat lain cari.....

Interested nak tau macam mana anda boleh generate extra income dalam bisnes ni boleh hubungi saya via phone/sms/email/YM or Gtalk Chat....

012-3989696 /

Masa itu emas. Buat apa tunggu kalau kita boleh berusaha membuahkan hasil sekarang.

Note to self : Duit semua nanti masuk tabung ye....kata nak buat simpanan hari tua...ngehngehngeh!!!

Monday, January 10, 2011

Weekend Splurges

Last weekend was a busy weekend - I got my passport done (which took me half a day mind you, the kiosk just have to break down when I finally drag my ass to the immigration office to renew my passport....great!) , I work both Saturday and Sunday (okayla, Saturday I masuk kejap je, sebab stuck kat immigration ofis lama sangat) and I made time to hang out with my buddies (oh yeah, kalau tak make the time, sampai bile pun tak jumpa) and went to Haute Food Co @ Plaza Damas for tea time treats.

Haute Food Co? Apakah?

Its a small cafe at Block H Plaza Damas/Hartamas Shopping Centre that serves freshly baked pies, pastries and well as yummylicious sandwiches.

The place is small and homey. I like the cozy ambience, but seats are limited since its a pretty little shop snuggled in between buildings but then surprisingly, people are fighting like piranha's to get a seat okay.

Did I tell you the that the cakes and pastries are all freshly baked?

When we were there I swear the lady came in with a cake fresh out of the oven. Yummey.

Si wen chu pulak excited semua cake dia nak order.


Anyways, we ordered the sticky date pudding with ice cream, raspberry cheesecake and carrot cake. OMG, the sticky date pudding sangat sedap. Coming from me that never likes sticky date pudding, I went like " Why didn't we order two of these???".

Obviously la everyone went for the pudding first. Next time I go there I must order one just for myself.

Takmo share.


It was almost 4 when we got seated and I ordered lunch to go with my dessert.

*My roast beef sandwich in oatmeal bread and berry-mint lemonade*

Oh yummey.

Sangat sedap.

Tak terkata and terucap ngan bahasa.

*tetiba je?*

Its so worth the restaurant hunt. Thanks Jac Jac for taking us to the place...heheheh...sorry ye we were all so mad at first coz we didn't find the cafe. Yelah, its tucked deep inside nowhere macam tak nak bagi orang jumpa je kan....punya la berpusing-pusing bangunan cari the cafe and all....dah la tengah lapar that time....


The next day I went for Sushi Zanmai @ The Gardens before clocking in for work at noon....

*just have to love the rotating belt*

Oh, good food....very nice stressbuster.

Quick update

Mak aih, bz nak mati.

Terkejar-kejar over the past two day nak abiskan report. Semalam was at the office from 2pm to 8pm nak abiskan kerja, thank God siap sebab hari ni memang satu hari kejar benda benda lain yang outstanding sebelum nak meeting petang ni.

Oh, feeling VIP ni sangat tak best.

Anyways, something happened over the weekend and it got me confused, alas tengah bz macam ni malas nak fikir. If I have told my girlfriends about it I know they would say just ignore it. Sigh. akan tetapi macam ada rasa meronta-ronta inside.

Benci okay.

Anyway, silver lining to kick off the week is that I am already at my second smallest hook of my PB corsett.Yeay! Memang confirm makin kecik....aku suke! Plus nowadays I am not that transparent anymore, people actually look at me, no, stare at me to be exact, so I suppose its a good thing.

Till later peeps!

Saturday, January 8, 2011

Agaknya sempat tak berblogging????

At the immigration office at Pusat Bandar Dmansara to renew my passport and OMG, ramai nak mati orang ok! I am here since 8am and line dia panjang tak hengat, masuk2 je dapat nombor 144. Demmit. At first ingat nak drop my passport renewal stuff kat kiosk je but then time time ni la dia nak rosak bagai kan, terpaksa ambil number.


Dengan muka sememehnya I wait in line. Sigh, dah la nak kena masuk ofis kan bukak pintu. Shit. KKejap lari kena pi lari ofis jap, then bukak pintu, then immediately datang balik.

Look at wonder my passport pics looks so bad...

*muka konon ala-ala happy!*

Make-up dah terbaik. But then I should have blow dried my hair. I should I smiled and showed off my teeth when they take my passport photo. Gilo la. Tak suke gambar passport baru.

Rasa macam nak buat lain je, but then macam tak berbaloi nak bayar another RM10 for another picture I would (again) hate.

Suck it up je la. Lantak la labu kalau gambar tu teruk pun. Lets surprise the immigration officer when I walk across the lines to enter another country.


If you look closely at the pic above the two auntie behind me is giving me the "look" while I snap my picture using my webcam.

"sudah.....kat immigration pun sibuk nak camho".


I'm freaking bored.

oh. about 58 more to go.

Thursday, January 6, 2011

testing @ 4am


finally!!!!back in a yoga class....i thought it'd be ages before i get to drag my sorry ass back! sgt la pemalas kan!

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

At times like these....good food makes a lot of bad things good....

It has been a hectic day today. Kerja berlambak tak hengat. I have been staring on my PC screen for hours before I even realised that I haven't had anything for breakfast. But then I manage to skip my morning coffee too and take lots and lots of water so I am very very well hydrated....kudos!!!

Its the second day of my year end closing of accounts and so far my headache is not as bad as yesterday. Yesterday I felt like screaming and I was all dizzy and cranky all the way home from work - in which later I end up in bed for a solid 3 hours before I wake up all hungry and was fed with rice by my sister. Sheesh, susah la bila ada orang rajin tolong masakkan makanan ni....asyik makan aje (hehehehh! kalau takde pun susah jugak kan?). Anyways, because of that my whole body clock had gone haywire....I still lack of sleep and woke up quiet tired...

...which is again totally irrelevant.

Let's move on to lunch shall we.

Since I had nothing for breakfast (even not a cheat steal okay....usally I curi makanan orang, hari ni sangat la dilligent samapi terlupa langsung nak makan), I indulged myself in a lil bit of earthly bliss by ordering a Shepards Pie for lunch.
I can say oh my...indahnya dunia.

That is later followed by a cup of Toffee Nut Latte (oh better grab one before they go off season...).


Semua masalah and kepeningan bekerja di waktu pagi terbang melayang ntah ke mana. That's how happy I was with my lunch.

However, I still need to watch what I eat. Ye lah, I tend to over-eat most of the time and at the end aku jugak yang depress sorang-sorang sebab what the hell was I thinking la kan, makan macam tak hengat dunia, bila dah gemok takde orang suka? Okay, ayat overboard di situ. *grin* Anyways, its always a good thing to look good and I made a promise to myself that even if I don't look hot and stick thin this year, I will make an effort to look healthy and feel great, so that means eating a balanced meal (no more excessive bingeing) and being very very very friendly with all the make-up I bought during the last 2 weeks.

*that renders another post. I bet you'll freak out when you get to know how much make-up I splurge on in less than 10 days time. Tapi no worries, semua make-up yang affordable, murah-murah and below Rm150. Tak percaya? Who believes that TopShop sells a lippie at RM23 per pot? No one right? So believe it. Tak percaya sila pergi TopShop KLCC and check it out yourself.

Oh my...25 minutes lagi boleh balik!!! Need to run to the gym for a lil bit of cardio, so better wrap things in office so I don't have to stay late.


Monday, January 3, 2011

Monday Headache....

Inilah akibatnya dah lama sangat cuti....first day at work and I am having a major headache like nobody's business, and I am not even working at 50% capacity yet.


Its been a slow first day. A lot of things to do yet somehow my brain seems to find it hard to pick up pace....omg, is there some kind of brain booster I can take immediately?

Perhaps the lack of caffein is giving me the headache?

Grr. I am trying to swear off coffee (I swear!!!) but apa ni, this is making it super duper hard.

Please make it 5.30pm soon so I can just dash home. Tak tahan la....mau tido mau tido.

Sunday, January 2, 2011

Spring cleaning on the very next day after new year....

Finally....a break.

I was hoping I will wake up early today and hit the gym but no....I woke up at noon, partially mortified because I thought its Monday (oh this have to stop....waking up mortified because its the first day of work is so not cool) and end up finishing one whole pizza and cleaning the house. I am half way done already, next is the make-up table and my (oh-seem-so-endless) wardrobe.

FYI today is spring cleaning day. Anything not worn for over 6 months goes to charity.

Big hooray!

Anyways, cleaning up the closet will hopefully make room for the new stuff (clothes and make-up of course) that I bought during the 2 weeks break. No biggies, just a few tops and pants, a couple of blouses and training gear. I just need to get things organised so I would finally get to find my things when I want to use them and not dwell for hours in the morning before work trying to figure where I put the outfit I want to wear.

Yeah. I am totally hopeless at this point. God please give me some sense of direction.

Hopefully I get to finish soon so I can do a lot of blogging. Ho yeah, I miss writing. I hope I can do more, share more.

Till then.

Saturday, January 1, 2011

Its 2011 already?

Happy New Year y'all!!!!!

How time flies. It feels like it was just yesterday when I was buzzing around about going off on holiday and how it'll be the long-awaited break time I needed (phewh!!! 2 weeks off from work....bliss!!) and now what do you know, it's coming to an end. In less than 48 hours I will be back at my desk pushing pencils and calculators and OMG, it is weird that I kinda miss it?

Heheheh. See, I don't hate my job after all.


Anyways the last 2 weeks had been a blast. I get to catch up on sleep, soak in the sun and enjoy the beach. I get to make new friends and launch a new business venture (with PB of course, which is going alhamdulillah well so far) and I get to eat, eat and eat. Hahahah. That's no surprise at all la kan, for all those who had been following me for ages would now me like an old book already that I love food and that's one thing I always wish to stay away from but will never be able to do. I am blessed that I get to enjoy Kuching's best offerings - mi kolok, sarawak laksa, seafood, kek lapis.....whatever on the menu you name it! - and once back in town, dine with my friends at our fav eateries celebrating another year. So yeah, its been a great 2 weeks.

And now as I say goodbye to 2010, I am back at Peek-A-Boo to get my hair done! Bye bye ugly roots! Mi just got my color done (thank goodness) and I am waiting for the treatment and cut to settle in. I am lucky I made reservations a week earlier, apparently their fully booked!


It'll be awesome, as always.

I have been bloghopping while getting my hair done. I see a lot of bloggers re-capping their 2010 milestones and renewing goals, should I do the same?

I am kinda tired of ticking of a list, can we not do it?

Maybe next year huh?


.....I wish good health.

....I wish prosperity.

....I wish love and joy.

Is that to much to ask? We still haven't got world peace yet.


Anyways, I don't want to be greedy. *smile*.I think I'd settle for a another happy year.

Okay, time to tidy up the last bits and shove off last year's dust and start a new chapter.

I wish all of you a great year ahead!