Tuesday, January 4, 2011

At times like these....good food makes a lot of bad things good....

It has been a hectic day today. Kerja berlambak tak hengat. I have been staring on my PC screen for hours before I even realised that I haven't had anything for breakfast. But then I manage to skip my morning coffee too and take lots and lots of water so I am very very well hydrated....kudos!!!

Its the second day of my year end closing of accounts and so far my headache is not as bad as yesterday. Yesterday I felt like screaming and I was all dizzy and cranky all the way home from work - in which later I end up in bed for a solid 3 hours before I wake up all hungry and was fed with rice by my sister. Sheesh, susah la bila ada orang rajin tolong masakkan makanan ni....asyik makan aje (hehehehh! kalau takde pun susah jugak kan?). Anyways, because of that my whole body clock had gone haywire....I still lack of sleep and woke up quiet tired...

...which is again totally irrelevant.

Let's move on to lunch shall we.

Since I had nothing for breakfast (even not a cheat steal okay....usally I curi makanan orang, hari ni sangat la dilligent samapi terlupa langsung nak makan), I indulged myself in a lil bit of earthly bliss by ordering a Shepards Pie for lunch.
I can say oh my...indahnya dunia.

That is later followed by a cup of Toffee Nut Latte (oh better grab one before they go off season...).


Semua masalah and kepeningan bekerja di waktu pagi terbang melayang ntah ke mana. That's how happy I was with my lunch.

However, I still need to watch what I eat. Ye lah, I tend to over-eat most of the time and at the end aku jugak yang depress sorang-sorang sebab what the hell was I thinking la kan, makan macam tak hengat dunia, bila dah gemok takde orang suka? Okay, ayat overboard di situ. *grin* Anyways, its always a good thing to look good and I made a promise to myself that even if I don't look hot and stick thin this year, I will make an effort to look healthy and feel great, so that means eating a balanced meal (no more excessive bingeing) and being very very very friendly with all the make-up I bought during the last 2 weeks.

*that renders another post. I bet you'll freak out when you get to know how much make-up I splurge on in less than 10 days time. Tapi no worries, semua make-up yang affordable, murah-murah and below Rm150. Tak percaya? Who believes that TopShop sells a lippie at RM23 per pot? No one right? So believe it. Tak percaya sila pergi TopShop KLCC and check it out yourself.

Oh my...25 minutes lagi boleh balik!!! Need to run to the gym for a lil bit of cardio, so better wrap things in office so I don't have to stay late.



shasha said...

sedih tak bole nak makan sesuka hati sebab sekarang asik malas je nak gi gym...

Zuraida said...

oh sama la kita!!!! ni pun dah terlebih makan dah ni....