Saturday, January 15, 2011

Just Got to Love Best Offers Sale....

I feel a lil bit beat down and tired due to work related stress...and I switched on my lappy today and started browsing I found this...

*BagsKaki best offer sale - click image to go straight to the site*

Tetiba je bersemangat...muahahahahah!!!!!(Bab shopping shopping nih bersemangat saje!!!Abis lepas ni semua site aku singgah!!!). BagsKaki is clearing its winter stock and gosh the Cole Haan and Coach bags from last December is up for best offer!!!


I have been on and off in contact with Pauline the site manager because I love the Gin & Jacqie bags in her site. *grin* . So I emailed her with my offer and guess what....

Say hello to my new baby!!!

Thanks Pauline! I know I'm going to love this! Muah muah muah!!

Checkout Bagskaki for their Best Offer Sale! Who knows, you might find a great bargain like me!

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