Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Life's Good When You Have Great Friends Around You

Oh my, sudah lama tak jumpa mereka. That pic was from a couple of years back, somehow along the way I get so absorbed with me, me and me that I forget to reconnect with my friends.

A couple of days back I called Izwain and ask whether we can all hang out and got a slapped on the face...

"Itulah...lain kali call le selalu"

....or somewhere along the line.

Coz if we don't make the effort to keep in touch all of us will just drift away.


Anyways I pushed myself out of my cocoon an hung out with them yesterday.

(okay, era takde sebab dia bz).

I had fun.


And somehow they make everything bad go away.

Moral of the story : Keep your friends very very very close.

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