Saturday, January 15, 2011

Living the beautiful life! (Sticky mode...scroll for more post!)

The cat is out of the bag already for quite some time...ho yeah, in my desperate vain attempt to look good I succummed to consumerism but then this is one purchase I will never regret because so far, it gives me results beyond my expectation that I just have to share it with everyone!!!

Firstly, let me first tell that I was a non-believer. Being a gym enthusiast over the years (though I fail to be consistent, I never really hates exercise), I have to admit I was sceptical. I am a firm believer that you must feel pain to look good , because over the years I slim up and tone my body only with a minimum of 4 months continuous gym time. But of course, my love for food and work commitments were always on the way, held me back from gym most of the time, so I end up on a yo-yo circle of thin-fat-thin again- fat again me.

So when I saw Ika shaping up within weeks I just have to give it a try.

But then again now, when I come to think about it, I am grateful. In fact, I am excited over my progress because I turn from this hottie.....

Oh we've seen this picture alright (on my debut PB entry). I am no longer shy to admit that I feel extremely cranky and bloated that night and shows in my pics....



In 6 weeks, even without dieting and gym time (because I am still recovering from my ankle injury...oh my yoga class yesterday was a pain since I haven't been to one for over a month now), I manage to shed 3 inches of on my hips and another 3 inches on my waist.

Tak percaya?

Wait up for my next entry...I'll size me up, snap a pic and show you results!

Its no secret that I have been using the Premium Beautiful corset daily....


Premium Beautiful corsets are the new age corset with far infra-red technology that helps to promote wellness, weight loss and body toning. The far infra red technoly (FIR) embedded in the fabric helps to improve blood circulation as well as burn excess fat even without strenuous exercise.

The set comprise of a long girdle, long bra and the waist nipper.

Lets just skip all the schbangs and formality and talk about how it works for me.

I know it works because;

1. I don't feel constipated anymore. I use to have problems relieving my bowels and end up feeling bloated. These days I do my business at least once a day, and all went out through the rear end. When I say all, I mean ALL.

2.I burp all my air out! No airy feeling stuck at the back or at the stomach.

3.I feel a slight heat at my tummy area whenever I'm wearing. Its not hot or anything, its simply warm. By 6 weeks I lose 3 inches. Thats results enough.

4. I manage to stop eating when I am full. The corset held my stomach tight to a point that it signals me when its too full. If I still push food forward after that point, god please help me and bring the bin over. Seriously, since there's limited space in the stomach to fill, I feel less hungry most of the time and thus eat less. Contributes to weight loss. I haven't timbang yet, but then I know I lose weight coz I feel lighter.

5. With the waist nipper holding my back straight I sit and walk with better posture, thus, no more hunching, a leaner look ( because you pull your spine up!) and reduced back pain. Hopefully the back pain bit will be gone in time.

I know I am definitely smaller (than before) because;

6. People compliments. Oh how it shapes!!!! I tell you I have curves everywhere!!!!!! Perut pun mantap! Serious perut tebal haritu dah mula hilang!

7. This I like best! When I was always between size 14 to 16 before (thats between L to XL ya, because of the recent weight gain...demmit demmit!!! makan lagi kek itu!!!!)....check out the latest size I can fit in last Thursday....

ZARA size M yo!!!!!

Tell me, how could I not love it???PB is making it happen for can make it happen for you!!!

Meet me to share the love!!!! If you're interested in PB I can help hook you up!!!! Better still, grab the chance to get PB at lower price with its latest discounts and rebates!!!!!

Just call/sms/chat/FB me! You know my digits!


P/s : If you're from Kuching and you need a guide for PB, you can call my business partner Fieza! Simply ring her and she'll be happy to meet up and tell more about PB and her PB experience. She'll even size u up for your own PB set if you want one!



f.i.e.z.a said...

U look gorgeous kak zue! Thanx for giving me the chance to wear this wonder corset and I never feel better for my whole life.I feel good of myself, I love the way it shapes me and I even receive compliments too yg dh lama gemok bila pakai ni rasa cam ooohhhh where the love handles go? I love it to the max and tell u skang ni kalo bgn tido mmg excited sbb nak pakai pb! Woooottt wwoooott! So sape2 yg ada kat kch buzz me ok!

Naddya said...

kak zue,u look stunning!nadia suke suke suke!

Zuraida said...


I know!!! Anyways , the pleasure is all mine, I had a great time meeting you as well!!! Takpe2, gigih ok, just a couple of weeks from now you will feel even more superb, I guarantee!!!


Kan kan kan???? Thanks ya!

fathia said...

Oh gosh I want one!
Wait until I have the $$ though.
Ok lah, gigih nak kumpul duit macam ni!

Zuraida said...

Hi fathia,

If you want u can hear out payment options or pay a small deposit to lock in the price now that the set is on promo till march 2011.

If you are interested to know more, just call/sms/ym/email me and we can arrange a meet up, even a free trial!


iekaz said...

i love your curve!!! mmg meletops!