Tuesday, January 11, 2011

OMG, My Besties Got Married! - Part 3 - Flashback to Jo and Fahmi's engagement day!

My "OMG, My Besties Got married" series is only written halfway, coz I have yet to show of pics from their home reception and Fahmi side reception (because I was freaking busy!) but as I flipped through FB today I saw photos of me tagged to the engagement pics from exactly a year ago and I can't help but download and blog about it because....

...I was so excited that I actually look good in the pics!


Okayla, maybe diri ni tak secantek mana. But look at my hair-do and haircolor....it was freaking awesome. The honey hues look great in pics and i suddenly realise I miss my long hair....

Radiant kan? I should thank Mi from Peek-A-Boo (a lot!) for the color, sebab seriously I ni buta fesyen sket, so all my hair style and haircolor over the last 5 year have been fully entrusted to the hands of my long time friend and stylist. I would never trust anyone else more than her sebab over the years I think she get to know me and likes and whatnot very very well, she manage to make me pull off even the freakiest haircut and color and still look good.

(Remember my boycut era???Now the gaga fringe???get it get it???)

Anyhow check out the shine.....

Oh bagaikan aku pakai hair treatment tiap-tiap hari okay.

Gosh I miss that color.

See that firl with the curls sitting next to me? oh her curls are lovely and to die for. It suits her really really well and made her look uber sexy, that time macam the whole night I was envious over her hairdo. But then looking back at this pic somehow I don't feel so bad, OMG my color was awesome.

Hahahahaha...perasan sendiri. Okay, color rambut baru ala dark ash blonde on me now is also freaking awesome.

Okay enough about me....

Jo have 9 dulang girls that night...all very very close friends and relatives as the whole affair is small and intimate. You just got to love how everyone looks in the piccas. Rahman (the photog, hmmm, Fahmi do I get his name right?) really snap nice pics.


Somehow I looked thin too...


Must be the hair.

I tell you dulang tu semua berat-berat okay,plus, I was assigned to the cake yang add about another kg or so to a point that masa the actual nikah day a year later I went....

"Please don't put me on cake dulang duty again!"

hahahah! Dulang girl tetiba demand.

Seb baik that time dulang girl rotation was changed and kebetulan my height doesn't render me to the cake assignment.


And there you go...my two besties!



dieya said...

serious cantik rambut u babe!
and you don't look thin, you ARE thin!!!

Zuraida said...

Thanks...itu gambar tahun lepas ok...hahaah...masa tu i gigih berlari dan beryoga...sekarang dah kembang balik, tengah berusaha nak lose it again..

what a yoyo.

anyway, usually professional camera kan add 10 kg's on u, i am quite surprised yang ni look not that bad.