Sunday, January 2, 2011

Spring cleaning on the very next day after new year....

Finally....a break.

I was hoping I will wake up early today and hit the gym but no....I woke up at noon, partially mortified because I thought its Monday (oh this have to stop....waking up mortified because its the first day of work is so not cool) and end up finishing one whole pizza and cleaning the house. I am half way done already, next is the make-up table and my (oh-seem-so-endless) wardrobe.

FYI today is spring cleaning day. Anything not worn for over 6 months goes to charity.

Big hooray!

Anyways, cleaning up the closet will hopefully make room for the new stuff (clothes and make-up of course) that I bought during the 2 weeks break. No biggies, just a few tops and pants, a couple of blouses and training gear. I just need to get things organised so I would finally get to find my things when I want to use them and not dwell for hours in the morning before work trying to figure where I put the outfit I want to wear.

Yeah. I am totally hopeless at this point. God please give me some sense of direction.

Hopefully I get to finish soon so I can do a lot of blogging. Ho yeah, I miss writing. I hope I can do more, share more.

Till then.

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