Monday, January 31, 2011

Things to be grateful for today....

1. Woke up feeling uber great, despite lack of sleep because I keep on waking up every hour. Oh work related stress is so not funny.

2. Step in the office 20 minutes early because last night I set my watch to 20 minutes in advance...ngehngehngeh. What to do? Otherwise I will be forever and ever late, not good. Especially when today I have a deadline at 9am. Okay, its long overdue but then I put a deadline on myself and decided to make it no matter what. :P

3. Manage to meet the 9 am deadline and now my biggest draft account is out of my tray!!! Hip hip hooray!!!! Gila okay buat benda tu, all the sleepless nights sebab memanjang je kerisauan its taking a massive toll. Tak percaya??? Lets sum up the total purchases over the past 3 weeks...

(a) I invested in a motherload of concealers and eye creams I could never have imagined. In my lifetime I have never thought I would ever have bought so much eye product! I bought Olay's Eye Cream in december when i first spotted the signs of eye problems, Stay from Benefit to prime my eyes and Laura Mercier's Super Secret Concealer (oh my current favvy....pakai sikit je zap zap dark circle semua hilang!!!). Coming from a person who NEVER bothers about my dark circles, total eye product purchases so far tops total cost of concealers and eye creams combined over the past 3 years.

*okayla, ni tak kira the La Mer's eye cream my ex use to get me. But then I don't like the texture. :P . Olay's gel texture is more preferable sebab it absorbs immediately and non-greasy, senang nak pakai make-up.

(b) Another motherload of mineral powder foundation, face primers and tinted moisturisers.

Okay, I have to admit that I look extremely bad under pressure. So I made a point to have only ONE new year resolution - that is to make an attempt to look good. So apart from my PB that keeps me slim, a yo-yo diet I am working on and a new wardrobe to boot, I started putting on make-up on a daily basis. These days by 10am kalau tak pakai make-up I started feeling naked. Is that a good thing? Perhaps, perhaps not. But then bila I sendiri dah sakit mata tengok muka sendiri I think I am actually doing everyone a favor by putting on make-up.

With that comes more powder foundation, face primers and tinted moisturisers.

Tinted moisturisers to maintain the light, natural look so that I don't look overdone. I hate looking masky and OTT, macam ada event ke apa la kan pepagi buta ni. Or masuk ofis muka sememeh then tetiba at 10 am keluar toilet muka macam baru keluar magazine. So tinted mositurisers is my best option to even out my uneven skin tone. Then later I top it off with my Laura Mercier's mineral face powder.

Voila! Complete!

For the first time ever I run out on mineral powder in 3 months. Last weekend I dragged Shahnaz to Laura Mercier's counter to get more.

OMG...rabak poket kejap.

(c) Stress punya pasal I got myself 3 lippie pots and an eyeliner pencil from Top Shop, one fiberlash mascara and a mineral powder from Body Shop and Dr Sebagh's 3-in-1 cleanser to boot all the make-up at the end of a long day.

Total cash burnt ; eergh. kalau nak tau sila la pergi beli sendiri. Sigh. Itu baru make-up. Sigh.

Get what I mean? I have to channel all this energy somewhere else....sigh...bila la kaki aku nak baik ni???? Nak pergi yoga balik, jimat duit!

4. Tarik nafas lega since yesterday after seeing a pic Tina showed me. Oh I am blessed.

5. Had a blast over the weekend at Zu Lyn's baby shower, shopping with Shahnaz @ The Empire Subang and lepak with my gal pals. Gumbira gumbira.

6. Got my hair done!!!!! After lunch with Tina yesterday I dropped by the salon at her neighbourhood and got it treated with yummilicious 5 step treatment that cost me only RM80! Oh I LOVE! Sekarang my hair smells like a fruit basket, and its all shiny and nice.

7. One more hurdle to go and once I got it done I can buat bolayan like everyone else and go on holidays!!! Lantak la kan ofis nak tonggang terbalik pon....hehehehe. Kalau semua settle esok boleh pg melawat Tina kat hospital and see her new baby M. Yeay!

Panjangnye....okay la. got to get back to work.


Sweettooth said...

Laura Mercier saves my life! Hv u tried its cleansing oil? superb.

Zuraida said...

oh...mesti cuba nih.